Weekly News for Room 205

Ms. Howey's Class

September 22-26, 2014

  • Please join us for our 1st class Scrabble Party On Monday, September 29th from 2:45-3:30 in the Trombly library. No experience needed! If you'd like to donate a beverage for our party, please let me know.

  • We took our 2nd spelling test last week. As you look at your child’s test, please notice if the words are not spelled correctly, is the spelling close or not to being correct? Also, did your child study their words? This will help to make an informed decision about how challenging your child's words need to be. It's also important to monitor that your child knows the meaning of the words they are studying. Thanks!

  • Pringles Challenge Update: We will be sending our Pringles pkgs. to our partner class in NC this week!

  • Things to ask your child about: the volume & mass of their Pringles pkg., Pringles blog, Trombly Terrier Trot, Scrabble Party.
  • Our students will be participating in the Trombly Terrier Trot on Friday, October 10th. The PTO is challenging each student to raise $50 (or more) in pledges. This fundraiser run will help raise money for our school and activities. Donations can be made online or sent to school. An informational letter about the event was sent home on Friday.

  • Thank you for assisting your child with their 15 & 5 homework, I’m basically looking for neat and complete work. The entries don’t need to be perfect (spelling etc.) but should represent your child’s best effort. Please remind them to stick with a book until they finish it, and end each entry with a prediction, opinion, or question.

  • I appreciate our parents continuing to sign the planners nightly.

  • Remember...together we’re better!
Sincerely, Susan Howey
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