Fractions Math Stations

Week of February 1st

Station 1: Work with Ms. J

Bring a pencil to the back table!

Station 2: TenMarks with Ms. Hartmann

Complete these two assignments in TenMarks:

1. Comparing Products of Fractions

2. Effects of Multiplying by a Fraction

Station 3: Gridded Response and Multiplying Fractions Task Cards

First, complete your gridded response for the week. Turn in when finished.

Then, finish your Multiplying Fractions Task Cards from Monday.

Station 4: EduCanon Videos

Go to Clever.

Log into EduCanon.

In your assignments, there are 3 videos about fractions for you to watch and answer the questions. Learn about fractions as you do this!

Station 5: Versatiles Fractions Practice

Use the Versatiles to complete the worksheet on fractions. Complete the worksheet front and back!

Station 6: IXL M.28

Complete the IXL which involves solving word problems using fractions in recipes. Turn in your sheet by Friday with 20 completed questions!

Grades Taken This Week:

  • Versatiles Worksheet
  • IXL M.28
  • Multiplying Fractions Task Cards (1-20)