Beebe PI Newsletter

October 16, 2015

The Phantom Tollbooth

5th graders have finished reading the children's classic, The Phantom Tollbooth. Now the projects begin!

Students will be creating a few different projects in the next few weeks to show their understanding of this novel. Our culminating event will be the Festival of Knowledge on Thursday, October 29.

Watch for information coming home in the next few days about this historic event. Some of the preparation will be at home, but most of the work will be completed at school. Ask your 5th grader about these projects. They are considered "fun" but also require students to find evidence in the novel to support their ideas for creating a setting and "becoming" a character.

For the history of this novel as well as an interview with the author and illustrator, watch this video (CBS News) from the 50th Anniversary.


4th grade PI students are reading poems and analyzing them for meaning as well as figurative language. They have read and heard examples of many kinds of poems as we build their knowledge of poetry. Did you know that song lyrics are also poems?

One of our favorite novels, Love That Dog, by Sharon Creech, includes many types of poems. Our class enjoyed reading this around our "campfire." Watch this video to see Sharon Creech and Walter Dean Meyers perform a readers theater of this book.

The next phase in this unit is the favorite poem project. Students are choosing a poem to analyze for meaning and interesting poetic language. They will create a video that includes them reading their poem as well as their analysis. Watch for that to be posted to Canvas in the next few weeks.

Reading Everyday in PI Class

PI students love to read. In fact, they protest when I interrupt their reading to teach! Students read every day in PI class. Please be sure your child is reading every day at home too.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Thank you for coming to meet with us last week for conferences. It was a pleasure to share with you and learn from you about your child. We are partners in your child's education.

Check Our Canvas Site

By now you should have received an invitation to join our class Canvas site as an observer. I hope to use this site to post student work as well as class information. Visit often to see what's new in PI.

Go there now and see pictures of kids you know!