Environmental study project

Jordan Rosa


We mostly enjoy going to Universal because we have annual passes. The other places on my map are of my uncle's and grandma's house, that is where we hang out most.


How rain can help us; by cleaning our air and also by helping crops grow. It also helps grow trees, grass, and plants but like my mom always says, "Too much of anything is not good." Too much rain kills crops because they don't get enough sun. It also allows more insects to grow that carry diseases. Sinkholes are known to form because of too much rain and floods. The highest months for rain and temperature are June, July and August. Rainfall this year for the three months was an average of 24.72 in. Temperatures reached a high of 95 degrees in June but the hottest month was August with an average daily high of 91 degrees. i've noticed that when it rains too much or it's to hot people don't won't to be outside and it puts them in a bad mood.

Natural Disaster

The natural disasters that happen over last 10 are in 2004 3 hurricanes hit Florida in one month's time. The first hurricane was Charley killing 15 people and causing $ 14 billion in damages. Then two weeks later hurricane Frances hit. This hurricane killed less than 10 people and caused $10 billion dollars in damages. Another two weeks after that hurricane came Ivan. This hurricane did not kill anyone but caused $13 billion in damages. In February of 2007 a tornado hit central Florida killing 21 people. The tornado season that year caused $270 million dollar in damage.

List of ways people can get ready for these natural disaster:

1) Build stronger homes

2) Store survivor kits

3) Pack your important goods and leave the county

4) Find good shelter

5) Get a app on your phone to warn if on hurricane or tornado is coming.

6) Get home insurance.

7) Cover the windows

8) Build a safe room.


During the Seminole War in 1838 the U.S army made a fort to protect the settlers from indians. A small community had grown around the fort and it was known as Jernigan. Six years later the community changed their name to Orlando. The town of Orlando was incorporated in 1875 with 85 inhabitants. There are many stories about how the name of the city was founded but the most popular was that of a soldier that saved his companies lives during the Seminole War. The Sentinel Orlando Reeves protected his man as they slept from an indian attack. Today in Orlando the population is 249,562 as of 2012 Census Bureau. That is a great difference from 85 people 1875. I think people moved here because of the weather and the theme parks that created many jobs.


People in my neighborhood live in single family homes. I notice that in my area we have a lot of mixed culture like; Cubans, Caucasians, African Americans, Colombians and Dominicans. Some of their pastime are playing basketball, riding their bikes and having bar-a-ques. They also like to throw parties with their families. The people that live in front of my house love to sit outside and watch everything that happens on my block. It makes me feel safe because they're always watching everybody. Other pastime that people like around here is going to theme parks like Disney and Universal.


I live near a small canal and a wooded area. i've seen hawks, bats many squalls, snakes, raccoons, and possums. I once saw a hawk eat a small bird as it sat on my back yard gate. I guess that some of our wildlife helps our community by eating rats and other rodents that can carry diseases. Some birds even eat dead animals on the side of the road so they clean up our streets. Most wildlife don't help the community, like raccoons digging in our trash and squalls living in our attic making noise and eating our wire. I think bats are fascinating because they only sleep during the day while hanging upside down. I had one sleeping on my porch once. Bats also like to eat frogs from the canal thats behind my house.


The cultures found in my community are dominicans, cubans, african americans, caucasians and puerto ricans. The things that make up my community is that each one of them bring something different to the block. The latin culture brings lots of music and parties every weekend. The African Americans like to fix things so they are also offering their help and are very friendly. The caucasians are always sitting in front of their house watching everything and everybody. Funny how that makes us feel protected. All the different cultures in my community helps me understand how important everybody is to each other. My family is from the Dominican Republic and we enjoy spending time with eachother and bar-b-queing.

overall reflection

With this project i've learned a lot about Orlando and how nature affects the population in my community. My family moved here from New York where it was more cold than hot so getting used to the temperature and all the rain took a long time. Something else that was hard to get used to was the wildlife. Most of the creatures that i've seen in Orlando I've never saw before so it was a little scary at first. I like Orlando, I like the people in my neighborhood they're nice and are always willing to help if you need it. I think people move to Orlando to live the dream of Disney. Thats why the population has grown so much throughout the years. I believe most people like the hot weather so they can do more things outside with their kids but they don't like the insects that the hot weather brings. Orlando is filled with people from all cultures and backgrounds thats what makes it so special.