Neil Armstrong Elementary

Dr. Stevenson's Weekly News- Week 35

May 23-27

Weekly Plan-Culture, Communication, Collaboration


Here are some major items to keep you updated:

  • I have attached three pretty informative and interesting articles below that are great keys to our goals of culture (behavior), communication (Dojo videos), and collaboration (Makerspace equity). We will continue to work next year on these three goal areas and these articles are quick ways to build your background knowledge!
  • FAST testing is underway! Thank you to our FAST team of Jenni, Carrie, Holly, Lauren, Colleen, SPED teachers, and classroom teachers for making sure that all of our students have goals set, have an optimal testing environment, and are encouraging the students to do their very best! I am excited to go over the results at our end of the year PLC meetings as we work on summer school needs and MTSS groupings!
  • We had our annual get ready for summer school staff meeting on Monday! I am excited to report that we have 98 K-4 students invited and that 56 have said yes, 10 have said no, and 32 are being actively contacted for an answer :)
  • Our culture is strong, as usual, as we wind down to the end of our balanced calendar year. I heard a saying that students only act like it is the end of the year when teachers start to which may be something to keep in mind as the weather changes, testing wraps up, and the other schools let out for summer.
  • I'm looking forward to all the fun that you are about to experience on the special events like field trips, class picnics, graduation, classroom awards, etc., but I stress to be sure to focus on communication with the office, the special education staff, paras, etc. so that we can make sure that all of our students are safe and learning each day.
  • End of the Year Reading Challenge "carnival" is in the works. Look for an email about a time to help Colleen, Becca, Jenni, and I plan sometime next week for football/baseball themed "event" on June 16th!
  • It is the time of year for lots of personal days and absences, but next week looks pretty good! Tuesday will be a "all hands on deck" kind of day as Carrie, Adrianna, Patty, and Scott will be at district in the afternoon for literacy work, Becky will be out a half day, and our nurse will be out, too! Amera is out Monday and Tuesday and Erica might be out two days for her grandpa :(
  • Welcome to Hannah Wilkerson (our new 5B teacher next year) as she will be Becky Mueller's maternity leave for the rest of this year!
  • I hope to interview for nurse candidates next Thursday or Friday with Heather Stocking, Kimberly, and Roxanne.
  • If you have any questions about your end of the year evaluation meeting with me, please let me know. I will meet with each of you (certified and classified) before June 17 to go over your PLP, portfolio, evaluation, etc. It has been a great year and I look forward to our conversations and feedback!

Monday May 23

7:45 Behavior Data Team

8:50 2nd grade Math PLC w/Adrianna, Patty, Lisa, Marty

10:50 4th grade Math PLC w/Debbie, Kate, Marty, Lisa, Jodi

12:00 Speech IEP w/Peg, Adrianna, Kate

12:20 1st grade Math PLC w/Bonnie, Kyrie, Lisa

1:20 Kindergarten Math PLC w/Jessica, Kathy, Lisa

2:20 5th grade Math PLC w/Scott, Becca

3:30 Staff meeting for all teachers to review Iowa Assessment results

5:00 SIAC meeting at district

7:00 Elementary Facilities meeting at district

Tuesday May 24

8:30 School-wide Morning Meeting

8:50 STEM/Makerspace meeting for Lisa w/Mr. Raso and Chris Like at NA

9:50 3rd grade Math PLC w/Becky, Erika, Lisa

10:00 21CCLC conference call

12:30-4 Vertical Literacy Conversations at district (Adrianna, Patty, Scott, Carrie)

1:00 3rd grade field trip to BHS Planetarium

3:30 Academic IEP w/Deb Lara, Ellen, Becca, and Lisa

Wednesday May 25

12:00 Preschool early release

1:10 K-5 early release

1:30 Lori LeBarge Tier I Year 2 meeting

2:00 Amber Mattly Tier I Year 1meeting

2:30 Andrea Cooper Tier I Year 1 meeting

1:45-4:00 Professional development

Thursday May 26

9:00 Morning Meetings recording w/Colleen

9:00-2:30 4th grade field trip to Lock and Dam

11-1 May Staff End of Year Picnic celebration in lounge :)

1:00 Jessica Baids Tier I Year 2 meeting

1:00 Weekly instructional coaches meeting w/Jenni and Carrie

2:30 Weekly 21CCLC meeting w/Jenni and Becca

Friday May 27

10:00 Weekly school counselor meeting with Danielle

10:45 Weekly office meeting with Mindy, Lori, Kimberly

2:30 Kate Steger Tier I Year 1 meeting