Ms. Furr's Social Studies Classes

6th: World Cultures & 7th: Texas History


Class Schedule:

  • Morning Bell 7:55
  • Tardy Bell 8:05
  • 1st Period: 8:05-8:56 (World Cultures)
  • 2nd Period: 9:00-9:51 (Texas History Pre AP)
  • 3rd Period: 9:55-10:46 (World Cultures)
  • 4th Period: 10:50-11:50 (World Cultures)
  • 5th Period: 11:54-12:54 (Lunch/Advisory Period)
  • 6th Period: 12:58-1:48 (World Cultures)
  • 7th Period: 1:52-2:42 (World Cultures)
  • 8th Period: 2:46-3:35 (Conference Period)

Late Work and Corrections

Any classwork turned in after the assigned due date will receive a maximum grade of an 80. Absences are the only exception and will be expected to be turned according to the Student Handbook policy. If the make-up work is past the policy date, it will also receive a maximum grade of an 80 for being past the due date.

Failing papers may be corrected up to a maximum of a 70 within the six weeks it was assigned. I will not accept corrections past the end of the six weeks. In order to receive a 70, all corrections must be correct. Students are welcome to attend tutorials if assistance is needed to correct these papers.

Electronic Devices (6th and 7th Grade classes)

Your child will be allowed to use their electronic devices for educational purposes such as class activities and research at my discretion. My 6th grade class expectation is for the device to be put away until instructed they are allowed to use them. My 7th grade class is expected to have their Chromebooks daily and fully charged. The terms for electronic use stated in the WISD's BYOT policy are enforced.

Cellphones are expected to remain put away or face up on their desk unless directed by me. At times I allow students to use them for research or to listen to music as they work. If usage is abused or refused to be put away, I will take up the phone and give it to an administrator.

Frequently used apps/purposes:

  • Internet research
  • Projects-video production
  • Nearpod
  • Padlet
  • GAFE (Google Apps for Education)

Contact Information

Conference: 2:46-3:35 pm

Tutorials: Upon student/parent request (3:35-4:00 pm)

Email is the best method of contact for me.


  • Text reminders from REMIND: For 6th Grade World Cultures-Text @6thfurr to 81010. For 7th Grade Texas History- Text @7thfurr to 81010.
  • Skyward Parent Portal: Grades and/or messages will be posted to Skyward weekly.
  • Email: I usually respond to email within the same day, but up to 24-48 hours depending on what day/time the email is received.