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New Menu Items, New App, New "Take" on School Meals!

Welcome back to a new school year where we believe you will see many new things from Child Nutrition Services. We are thrilled to share with you the fact all meals, Breakfast and Lunch, are FREE again this year. This makes it easier for your checkbooks and for all students.

Please note that if your child brings a lunch and wants to purchase a milk, there will be a $.40 charge for the milk. Want to avoid the milk charge? “Pick 3 Free” - If your child chooses a fruit and vegetable to go with the milk, federal rules say we can make that count as a meal and not be required to charge you for the milk.

Even though meals are free, we are encouraging families to complete the Free/Reduced application online if you believe you may qualify for the benefit. This will help you with some of the other discounts you have counted on in the past if you have that confirmation.

If your student is in Middle or High School and they wish to purchase Ala Carte’ items, money can be put on their accounts through My School Bucks or by sending money or check with them to put on the account. If they do not have any money on the account, extra items cannot be purchased. To keep the lunch lines moving, we would appreciate if the money is dropped off at the beginning of the day so it is available in your child’s account. Change will not be given in the serving lines; all money will be placed on the student account.

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NEW! ~ Menus Now Feature Nutrition Information ~ NEW!

SFSD is now using to share menus. If you click on the food item (the calendar below is just a picture and is not interactive), you can learn more about nutritional information such as calories, fat, carbs, and much more! SFSD is required to follow strict guidelines to provide healthy meals for students and staff! We think you'll LOVE the changes we're making!
Click here to try out!

NOTE: View the menu online for the most accurate information. Supply chain issues and our goals to offer new menu items may result in changes. Meal Viewer provides real time information. Printing a hard copy will quickly become outdated.

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