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peter peter nursery rhym

Who? Peter Peter his wife serina

What? He couldn't keep her

where?In an ally

When?October 22 2015 5:12 am

Why? Because they got into a fight and she wanted to leave but he didn't want her to

How? He shrunk her with his shrunkifyer then put her in the pumpkin shell
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feature story

We are going to look into country singer/songwriter Hunter Hayes. Some things you might know about him are he is 24-years-old, he is a country singer, he writes and sings his own music.

Some people know all of these things because they know everything about Hunter Hayes, but here are some things those people may or may not know. He can play over 30 instruments. His main instruments include vocals, accordion, guitar, mandolin, keyboard, bass guitar, piano, drums. He is assigned to Atlantic Records Nashville, and he was also born in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. He began his musical career at age two, when his grandmother gave him an accordion. As he grew up, he sang songs in English and in French. When he was 17, Hunter Hayes was asked to perform at the White House for Bill Clinton at his yard party. Hayes also broke a Guinness World Record for most concerts played in a 24 hour time period! “Wanted” became his first NO. 1 single, making him the youngest solo male act to top the hot country songs.

Twenty weeks after first appearing in the top spot, “Wanted” returned on top. Hunter Hayes performed “Invisible” the lead single from his second album at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards.

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favorite app


My favorite app is Instagram. I like Instagram because you get to see what people are doing.You can go to other people's Instagram page and see all of the things they have posted, so if you haven’t been on Instagram or you haven’t talked for a while you can still see what they have been doing. I also like it because you can post pictures of things you are doing and people can go through all of the pictures and if they like your picture they can double tap to like it. People can post short 15 second videos as well. Another thing that you can do is follow different people and they might follow you back. Most people will follow their friends, and they will follow other people
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movie reveiw

Summary of the Movie in your own words: Secrets In The Walls

Secrets In The Walls is about a single mom with two teenage daughters, and they live with their uncle. Their mom got a new job as a nurse , and when she was walking home she saw a house for sale and a realtor was standing outside. She got her to look at the house, but it was way out of their price range, but the realtor could offer her a lower price. They ended up buying the house, and the oldest daughter chose the basement room, but her mom didn't want her to. The youngest daughter took one of the rooms upstairs and so did her mom. Well, later that night, the youngest daughter saw a girl in her mom's bathroom. She said she was crying, so she ran downstairs to get her mom, but her mom found nothing. Downstairs her oldest daughter was putting clothes away and heard music playing. She looked in her closet cabinet and found an old jewelry box that was playing music, behind that jewelry box was a picture. After that, a lot of weird stuff had been happening and the youngest daughter kept seeing the same girl. Their mom got suspicious and realized that the “vent” wasn't blowing any air, so she asked her brother to see what it really was. He went inside the vent and found something that was all boarded up, so he took the boards off and found a skull. After that, they thought everything would stop, but it didn't. It got worse. One night, the oldest daughter was in her room and she saw the same girl her sister had seen. This girl put a necklace on her and possessed
Secrets in the Walls • Official Trailer • Lifetime Movie