FC Jr/.Sr. High STRIVE News

Nov. 2012 from Mrs. Newman

Open Heart Surgery Observation

On November 2nd, at 6:30 AM, 15 bleary eyed students met at the school to load the bus and head to Allegheny General Hospital to observe an open heart surgery. The students were able to learn from an educator in charge of the observation program, as well as a physician's assistant, about exactly what was occurring in the operating room throughout the four hour observation. The students gained valuable information about each professionals' job in the operating room including the anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetists, surgeon, perfusionist, physician's assistant, nurses and technicians. Information including the level of education required for each position, as well as their average salaries, were shared.

An invaluable lesson from the observation included the importance of taking care of ourselves by staying away from drugs. The patient, a 38 year old, was undergoing her third open heart surgery in six months. Her heart had been damaged by her use of heroin.

Congratulations to the FC JV Academic League Team - currently 2nd place in the Southwestern PA Western Division

Future City Team - A day of learning with Mr. White

The middle school Future City team spent a terrific day with engineer/mentor, Jamie White, on November 29, touring three different locations where the students were able to gather information relevant to completing the Future City project.

The first stop included a tour of the LLI Engineering offices including a discussion of city planning, building design and construction. The students were able to see a demonstration of actual design through a tour of a construction site, a conversion of warehouse to a 2-story parking garage located behind the LLI offices.

The students were then taken to the Duquesne Light Training Center. Here they received a tour and explanation of the training areas and control rooms for the facility.

Our final stop was an incredible look at the areas of the Carnegie Museum that members of the public do not get to see. A facilities manager led our group through the 100+ year old building's back of house services including the chiller/boiler plant, electrical switch gear room, ventilation shafts below the Music Hall, and catwalk areas in the attics of the museum.

The student team very much enjoyed their day. They gained a lot of "real world" information that they can now apply to their city design.

Photos from the tours are below.

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