A Visual Guide to the Marian Central Catholic Uniforms

Marian Student Uniform Policy

Our new school uniform partnership with Lands' End Company offers more size/style options to our families, namely the addition of uniform shorts and long-sleeve polos. We saw this as the perfect opportunity to review and make changes to the existing uniform policy. The goal of every change made is to streamline the process for students, parents, and teachers. For our new Marian families, we hope this visual newsletter will help as you build your uniform wardrobe. For returning Marian families, please keep these changes in mind as you inventory the pieces you already have.

If you already own uniforms previously supplied by Dennis Uniform Company, you may continue to use them! New purchases must be made through Lands' End.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Lands' End Uniforms

Ready to order? Click here to visit Marian Central's Lands' End uniform page!

A Note About Polo Season:

With the addition of the long-sleeve polo, students may not cover their polo with any non-uniform items of clothing (sweatshirts, pull-overs, hoodies, cardigans, etc.) Marian-branded "Spirit Wear" may only be worn on designated "Spirit Days" and are not acceptable for daily uniform wear. Students who are chilly are advised to wear either the long-sleeve polo, a solid long-sleeve shirt undershirt, or the Uniform Fleece Jacket or Uniform Fleece. Pullover Polo Season is the entire Quarter 1 (including exam days) and the entire Quarter 4 (including exam days.)

BOOTS - 2nd & 3rd Quarter

Men and women are allowed to wear boots during 2nd & 3rd quarters only. Boots must be black, brown, or dark navy solid color.

A Note About ALL Shoes:

Colors of shoes must be within the "khaki" neutral color spectrum (white, dark navy, brown, black) or any shades in between (cream, grey, etc.) Please refrain from shoes that have any non-neutral colors (accent colors, etc.) ie: orange, bright blue, green, etc. as to not detract from the uniform look our school's policy promotes.

"Gym" shoes ARE acceptable - as long as the colors (main/accent/laces) are all within the "khaki" neutral color spectrum.

PROHIBITED SHOES (MEN & WOMEN): slippers, sandals, "crocs", flip-flops, glitter/sequined, "slides." All shoes/boots must have closed toe, closed heel, and solid-constructed sides.

Men's Shoes (All Year)



Optional Uniform Jackets and Pull-Overs!

After speaking with many students, teachers, and parents - we felt the addition of an approved jacket or pull-over would give students more options with their uniform, especially with the temperature fluctuation that we have experienced. These items are completely OPTIONAL for purchase - but are approved for use throughout the school day - regardless of "sweater" or "polo" season.

PLEASE NOTE: the jacket or pull-over must be worn with the school uniform (polo or sweater/dress shirt/tie). Students not wearing the appropriate uniform under their jacket/pull-over will be considered "out of uniform."

Also - as soon as you receive your jacket/pull-over order from Lands' End, please make sure you clearly mark your student's name on the inside tag. If a student leaves his/her jacket somewhere, it will be very difficult to return the item when it is turned into the office.