4K News

January 29


We are continuing to learn our letter sounds and are now listening for the beginning sounds in words. The kids are working hard to label their journal drawings with beginning sounds.

We are also learning all about polar animals! Reading nonfiction books with REAL pictures is so much fun! We are discovering all kinds of neat facts, like what they eat, where they live and why some animals are camouflage. We are also learning new words like prey and predator.

Big picture


We've begun learning about measurement in the 4K classroom. We read a story called "Buster the Ballon" which introduced them to the words: Bigger/Smaller, Long/Longer, Short/Shorter, Tall/Taller, and Wide/Wider. Our small group lessons will begin to focus on comparing objects of different sizes to describe their size and shape. We will also measure objects around the classroom with nonstandard objects like Unifix cubes.


If you have not yet signed up for a conferences time, please do so as soon as possible. Conferences will take place on Thursday, February 18th and Thursday, February 25th. The sign up link is listed below.

Conferences will again be held virtually. Just like in the fall, you will use my personal WebEx link. I will send out this information as conference time gets closer. Can't wait to tell you about all the exciting things we are learning!

Valentine Exchange

The 4K students will be exchanging Valentines during the week of February 8th!

Parents, to save on time, please have your child write his/her name near “from” and leave “to” blank. It will make passing out much easier. We have 14 students in the morning class and 12 students in the afternoon class. Please send Valentine cards for everyone in your child's class.

Also, we are asking you and your child to create a Valentine mailbox. A shoebox with a removable lid would be perfect, but any flat-bottomed container approximately that size would be fine.

You are welcome to decorate the mailbox anyway you and your child wish with construction paper, wrapping paper, fabric, stickers, ribbons or other embellishments! Be creative! Please cut a 2” X 6” opening in the lid so that valentines can be dropped inside. If your child’s valentine box does not have a removable lid, be sure the opening is large enough for treats and trinkets. Don’t forget to put your name on it!

Please send Valentines and mailboxes to school on Monday, February 8th, so we can start to pass the cards out!