FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Quick Access: http://tinyurl.com/techadvisory5

Advisory Lesson brought to you by: NISD Advocate Haylee Boyle And Mrs. Horn

Why We Use FAQs...

FAQs or more commonly known as (Frequently Asked Questions) are a great way to find out what people struggle with the most to help the majority of problems that are occurring in the community. These can serve as a short way to help. To access this resource on your own device, please go to link above.

What do I do if my Email Inbox is Full?

  • Delete your deleted items folder or clear out dated emails.
  • If you have not been in your email this week, take a minute to get into email and make sure that you are able to send/receive emails.
Clearing out Deleted Items in Outlook

Moodle Dashboard

Did you know that you can quickly locate all of your classes by clicking on the dashboard option? All classes that you have enrolled in will show up for you in the dashboard for easy access.
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Using The Snipping Tool

Capture Pictures and/or Portions of Your Screen with the Snipping Tool. View the quick video below:
Haylee Snipping Tool

What is the difference in a link and a file?

Links: Can be opened with a simple click and lead to a website. Links can be shared by making sure the site is public to views and then simply copy/pasting the link.

Short cuts:

  • Highlight all = ctrl + a
  • Copy = ctrl + c
  • Paste = ctrl + v


  • Google docs, web-based tools such as Tackk, Smore, Prezi, Emaze

Files: Documents that are saved to your device or a specific drive.


  • Microsoft Word, Power Point, PDF, mp4 vidoes etc.
Difference in Links and Files

How do I download programs? How do I mark favorites? How do I close out tabs?

Get Programs with Windows 8
Closing Programs with Windows 8

Using the Toolbar in Google Docs/Microsoft Word to Edit Documents

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I've GOT SKILLS Quiz (Test Your Knowledge)

Everyone will attempt this skills quiz (take a deep breath, this is not for a grade).

The first 3 students to accurately complete all of the activities CORRECTLY will win a prize.

  1. Create a New Word Document and save the file to your desktop with the title "I've Got Skills."
  2. Type the title "I've Got Skills" at the top of the page. Bold, Underline, Center the title.
  3. Upload the Word Document to your Google Drive to make it a link instead of a file.
  4. Share the document so that others can view the link.
  5. Paste the link to your shared Google document under the title of the document.
  6. Type your name under the link (left aligned).
  7. Take a snip of your document and title it "firstname.lastname - advisory skills" and upload it below:

(The upload password is "Tidwell")