Fantastic 5th

Published By;) Briahna H., Anistyn C., Solomon W., Drew M.

Find The Face

This week´s face is ;).

Humor Hour

What did the mother say to the father when their son fell down the stairs? "Oh look honey, our son is taking his first 23 steps!"

How to Torment the Pizza:

1.Ask for the crust on top this time

2.Ask if you get to keep the pizza box when your done. When they say yes, act very relieved.

3.Pretend you know the person from somewhere. Say something like, "Hey, your voice sounds familiar... I think we went to bed-wetters camp together about five years ago."

4. Make the first topping you order pepperoni. Just before you hang up, say, "Remember------no pepperoni, please!" Don't wait for a response.

5. If the person on the other end gets annoyed with you, say, "The last guy let me do it!"

Cosmic Comic

Sorry, we are not publishing a comic with this months paper

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What's Coming

Royal Riddles

What has 6 eyes but can´t see?

I do not have wings, but I can fly. I don't have eyes, but I can fly.What am I?

Do this riddle and we bet your answer will be 5.

Think of a number.

Double it.

Add 10.

Half it.

Subtract it by the number you chose at the beginning.

Happy Birthday to Me

Big picture
Savannah Duncan March 19

Bradley Higgins March 28

Jake Mahler March 24

Taylor Pennington March 4

Bella Cron March 3

Student Spotlight

Bella Cron is moving higher in the Grandparent of the Year Award essay.!

Briahna Higgins won first place in the spelling bee here at school!

Briahna Higgins won first place in the district spelling bee! Now she will be moving on to the state spelling bee!

Royal Riddle Answers

3 blind mice.


Thanks For Reading

Thank you for reading this month's letter! Have a nice day and goodbye!