Job Interview Process

helpful tips

Before The Interview

1. Get a good night sleep so you can be alert for your interview .

2. pick out your route if your interview is at a large building know were your interview is going to be and plan your route to get there.

3. know whats on your resume and practice your answer to possible questions they ask.

4. show up a few minutes early so you can get your mind set for the interview.

10 Things to Do Right Before a Job Interview

During The Interview

1. keep good posture and look interested .

2. get a good night so your not yawning extensively during the interview

3. answer your questions thoroughly and don't add junk about your personal life

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Interview Dos and Don'ts

5 Common Interview Questions

1.Tell me about your self.

For this question answer with work that might be relevant to this position.

2.Why should we hire you.

For this question answer with a strength that you have that will also apply to the job your applying for.

3.What is your greatest strength.

For this question answer with a related work strength.

4.What is your greatest weakness.

For this question answer honestly but don't mention a weakness that goes with the job your applying for.

5.Why do you want to work here.

For this question answer with a list of the companies aspects and add how you will be a perfect fit.

How to Dress for a Job Interview

After The Interview

1. After the interview give the person a nice hand shake

2. send a thank you letter or send them a email telling them thank you for there time

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Dress For The Interview

when you are dressing for a inter view you don't want to over or under dress so for the position you are applying for dress 2 steps above that like if your working for a office go to your interview in a nice shirt and tie with khakis or for girls were khakis and a nice top.
How to Dress For a Job Interview | The Art of Manliness

Interview Donts

1. don't ramble about your personal life.

2. tell the interviewer that you wanted to work there because of the paint color on their .walls have a reason referring to the actual business.

3. don't have your phone going off during the interview.

4 don't were a big coat into the interview.

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Job Interviews (Part 1): Do's and Don'ts of Mock Interviews
interview don'ts

interview don'ts

Before The Interview

before The Interview

During The Interview

during the interview

Common Interview Questions And Answer's

Common Interview Questions And Answer's

After The Interview

things to do after the interview

How To Dress For The Interview

How To Dress For The Interview