LAVCA Staff Call

May 13, 2016

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Congrats to Special Programs

Special Programs at LAVCA ranked 4 in overall parent satisfaction based on the parent satisfaction survey! Keep up the hard work.


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End of the Year Checklist... don't leave everything to the last day

CVR for the 4-8 grade Core Teachers, and Alg 1-due by COB today. If you still have names of students that need to be added let me know so I can get you the State ID numbers. Admin will start verifying Monday Monday morning.

Magic Calendars due May 23

See Storyboard for more information.....

Graduation Assignments Updated

Graduation Assignments 2016

Staff please be at the Independent Park Theater for 9:15 am.

Check graduates for proper dress, no gum chewing, stoles correct, tassel on left side, cell phones and the like OFF and not visible) - Verna Ricard, Honey Baye, Keegan Cruse, and Ewineya Hall

Attend and assist with graduation practices, coordinate lineup of students alphabetically – Honey Baye, Ewineya Hall, Verna Ricard, and Keegan Cruse.

Give out loan caps and gowns to students who did not purchase or forgot theirs – (sign in/out sheet) Gina Warren and Loretta Wooters

Receive loan caps and gowns after graduation –Gina Warren and Loretta Wooters

Give out honor stoles – (sign in/out sheet) Nikki Barbre, Heather McFarland, and Noemi Rodriguez

Receive honor stoles after graduation – Heather McFarland, Nikki Barbre and Noemi Rodriguez

Provide music (CD) – Eric Pursley

Make sure that CD/audio is working correctly in auditorium with sound person morning of graduation – Eric Pursley

Distribute programs to guests/parents – Mindi Petitfils, Theo Thyssen, James Baker

Usher guest to seats – Anniemarie Resweber, Annie Howat, Anthony Rodrigue and Ansley Cisneros

Test P. A. system with audio person – Eric Pursley

Reserved seating: Chad Davis, Eddrick Hodges and Anthony Rodrigue

Supervise picture taking – Erin Landry and Mr. Landry

Walk; sit with graduates on the stage – Dr. Daniel, Lucille Brown, Shenell Deville, Jara Naquin

LAVCA Faculty will sit in reserved seats in the auditorium – Reserved seating (Middle front) and (Board members/K12 will sit in reserved seats to the left front) Chad, Eddrick and Anthony Rodrigue

Distribute original diplomas in holding room by the stage after graduation – Kristy Davis, Nicole Davis, Mindi Petitfils, Susan Tregle and Verna Richard

Serve refreshments – Annie Howat, Sue Aysenne, Kim Jones

Direct students, parents and guest to area acceptable to eat – Annemarie Resweber, Samantha Juneau, James Baker and Keegan Cruse

Monitor auditorium doors after graduation (No food allow) - Chad Davis, Rachel Resweber, Natalie McClurg and Courtney Martin

Signing out Kindles to Graduates- Loretta Wooters, Gina Warren, and Jessica Tekell

Return diplomas not distribute to students to Jara Naquin – Lucille Brown

Clean up room where refreshments were serve – EVERYONE!!!!!

Clean up dressing room where seniors got dress –Anthony Rodrigue, Noemi Rodriguez

Summer Committees 2016

School Theme 2016-2017 ... Take your pick or add one for us to look at.

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Summer Survivor

One Tank Trips through Louisiana- Make a road trip with the family