The Zac Story

By Zac Meskill

Who Am I

I am Zac Meskill. I live in Greenwood

Why should all of these things be considered when deciding on a career?

Because they could help you in the career.

your interests, skills, values, self-esteem, learning style

I like Football and the outdoors. I have a high self-esteem. I like having fun while learning.

I would like too be a Military Policeman

You go into forts like "Fort Chaffe" and you protect and control it. You get like $4000 a month. The cluster is goverment and law, pubic safety. You work 9 hours a day and it's dangerous.

Something interesting about your career?

You get to go to this cool camp in missouri and you get to shoot and do other stuff


American Military University "AMU". It's located in Charles Town, VA. It has the best Military training. It's not that far away. ROTC and law, public safety. the tutition cost is $8000 a year.