Trapped In School

by: Pamela Velasquez

It was an average day at school my school and my mom at school. My mom was a social studies teacher and she taught her me for one of her classes. That day in class they were talking about natural disasters and how weather played a part in it. "Mrs.Colds, what would happen if there was a disaster without warning?" Jack asked my mom mom. "Well that would have to depend on what the disaster is, for example a flood could leave citizens without homes." The bell rang and class was over.
Half way during third hour the principal announced we would be leaving school early because of potential of a snow storm. "What will happen if it snows in during school? Could we get locked in?' Asked Minnie. The teacher just smiled at her and went back to grading papers. I saw most of my peers confused and worry mumbling between themselves. You see, our school lies between two hills, and all the doors we have, face the hills. This could be a problem.
During the last hour of the day, I was with Jack and Minnie talking about what could happen. "I'm going to bring extra food every day along wit a coat, what about you Sally?" Jack asked. Jack loved reading about scenarios that involved getting trapped, but scared to be in one himself. It took me a minute to think, "I would bring extra clothing and possibly a blanket," I was attempted to ask Minnie but she was looking outside in fear of the possibility of getting snowed in
The school day passed but it was chilly once I stepped outside. I waited for my mom in the field while she finished with the meeting. Minnie was nice enough to wait with me until she was done. She still had her worry expression but I didn't dare to ask. Once my mom came she left, and I followed my mom to the car.
After the night, it snowed a lot but not enough to cancel school. The day was the same as yesterday but Minnie was more worried. What was she thinking could happen? "It's not like they'll send us to school if was to get worse." I told Minnie but I couldn't even believe it myself but I gave her a reassuring smile. The school day ended the same way but with a longer meeting. I asked mother but all she said was " Don't worry about it" giving me a wry smile.
It surprisingly didn't snow much during the night. I went to school with mom and waited for my friends to show up. "I think today will snow a lot later today, what do you think Jack?" Minnie asked. When he was about to answer the principal talked on the speaker advising everyone to stay in their classrooms. I was luckily in my mom's class during this. Half a hour later it started to snow, but hard. Some people started to complain others were too frightened to cause a fit. "Everyone calm down I'm sure it'll pass by quickly." Mom said giving a fake smile, I could tell she was worried herself.
After four hours passed and the storm finally stopped. "Mom are we able to go out of the class?" She didn't bother to answer me, instead she walked to the door and opened it. Only the emergency lights were on and the doors seemed to be packed shut to the outside. "Everyone stay here, I'm going to go look for principal Daze." Said my mother while she walked out the door gently closing it. When she did everyone started to yell in worry. Only Jack, Minnie and I stayed calm but looked at each other. "Are we going to be able to contact someone to come for us?" Jack asked hoping for a yes from me. I didn't want to lie but I didn't want him to be even more worried so instead I just smiled at him.
After what seems like for ever, she comes back to us and leads us to the school's basement. While we walked there, there were two people trying to open doors. It just made the situation worse by letting snow into the building. This caused people to panic, "What if the snows starts to tumble in?!" someone yelled. They had us huddle in the basement to be able to get everyone in. "It seems as if the lines were knocked down, we're not able to contact anyone but we assure you someone will come for us soon." Said the principal. This caused panic and some people got up and tried to run to doors attempting to open it. This didn't help at all.
"Mrs.Colds how much longer are we going to be here? Hasn't it been a day?" Minnie asked. My mom wasn't sure how to answer her and all she said was "Don't worry Minnie they'll be here soon enough." Thankfully everyone has calmed down from the storm and decided to listen. This made things much easier. Sadly we were never able to contact help all we could do is wait and hope for the best. Four hours later we all had something to eat not much but was at least something, we all had to eat after all. "Mom, do you hear someone walking?" This was odd, no one was above the the basement. Principal Daze went to go check and came running back. "There is a rescue team here to help us!" This made everyone stand up and run out. After two hours everyone was out and safe;back with their families.