By:Megan Gardner

What is Advertising?

The activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services.

French Advertising

The French use much the same advertising methods as in the United States. The French use television commercials, flyers, banners, and magazines.

How does advertising improve your life?

Advertising improves life because many products advertised are products people need to live life, such as soap, shampoo, food, and various brands of clothing. All the other products advertised are to improve our quality of life, these products make life much better to live in, such as phones, computers, and makeup.


Advertising has a big impact on the types of items people buy. If the products are shown in our faces and especially have a little jingle or song going along with them, it is much easier to remember that product and buy it at the store, than a product you have never heard of before.

How does a seller convince a client?

A seller convinces a client to buy a product by saying good things about the product, maybe it can wash 60 loads more of laundry than the other leading detergent brand. The seller might also throw in a discount, a 2 for 1 deal, or a coupon to come back next time.

What makes the ad interesting?

The French version of febreze is interesting because it's some guy wearing a weird rug looking suit, the American version is interesting because there is an onion standing in the middle of a room. Which for most people, gets their attention.
Ipad vs toilet paper (French funny ad)

Video Advertisement Questions

The product that is trying to be sold is French toilet paper. Everyone is the target audience, or at least anyone who buys the toilet paper in the house. The goal is to get you to buy toilet paper because nothing can replace the need for it. The video is interesting because everyone can relate to it because of the technology aspect and it's funny.