Cloning Animals and Humans

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Cloning Animals

  • Despite years of research, over 95% of cloning attempts fail, even with extensive veterinary intervention. Birth defects, physiological impairments, illness, and premature death continue to be the norm, not the exception, with cloning. Seemingly healthy clones have unexpectedly developed problems. 67% of Americans disapprove of cloning animals for food.Disapproval increases to 88% when respondents learn that animal suffering is involved.The majority of Americans think it is morally wrong to clone animals, and 63% would not buy cloned food even if it were labeled as “safe.”Numerous dairies, organic foods producers, and retailers have declared that they do not want to use products from cloned animals or their offspring.The dairy industry has said that there is no consumer benefit in cloning. Information from

Human Cloning coming soon or the near future

Human cloning

Human cloning is far from being complete. Scientists are working to solve the problems and defects of human cloning. Scientist can't clone just yet after multiple failures they need to solve the cloning issues.