Vote for Negeen

I'll turn Texas into a place where everyone wants to come to

Money and our debts

Through out this campaign you will see how I will keep us from getting into a deeper debt.
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The Natives

I know we all want more land, but to get that land we would be walking into bloodshed. Also, if we want a war that means we will need weapons that cost MONEY, and if we do that we will be in a deeper debt than we are in now. As a result, I propose we should try to be allies with the Natives, and in time ask if we could have more land.

Unruly Army

If we have a unruly army then I think we should reduce the army by a few people or until the men act accordingly. Then again the men won't be getting their money which will help us recover from this debt.

Mexico thinking so little of us

If Mexico thinks we are a "nothing" well they are wrong I don't think we should start a war against them unless they threaten us, but we know that we are our own country

Annexation to the U.S.

I personally think we should get annexed to the U.S. because so, if we do have another war, have supplies and maybe even some help to fight. Another way that annexing to the U.S. is by they may help us balance out our debts.
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How to deal with slavery

I personally don't think we should have slavery, but for those who object I think we should raise the taxes for the people who would rather have a slave. This is another way we can come out of this debt.