Much Ado About Nothing

Seth Jurecki

Actors and Actresses

In Much Ado About Nothing the actors bring many things to the table like drama, seriousness and humor. Three main characters from this play, Claudio, Beatrice, and Benedick can easily be represented by some of today's actors.

Claudio is known for being dramatic and jump to conclusions too soon. The perfect actor that would represent him would be Zac Effron. Zac has played in the movies 17 again and High school musical. Both of these movies are very dramatic and play around love being very important and has all the drama to follow.

Next we have Beatrice I feel Amy Schumer would be a great Beatrice. Beatrice is a very happy individual and loves to tease and joke with people especially Benedick. In the movies and in real life Amy has a tendency to poke fun at topics and joke around with people just like Beatrice.

Lastly, Benedick should be played by Will Ferrell. Benedick naturally jokes around with Beatice and his friends. Will is a perfect fit because he does that in a ton of his movies like the Anchorman one & two to name a couple. Having Will play this character would certainly make the play more exciting and dramatic as seen in his movies.


In this play three events stuck out more than any other. The events added an element of surprise or drama to the overall play making it the terrific tragicomedy.

The first event would be Claudio and his associates supposedly catching Hero having intercourse with another man making Claudio extremely jealous and saying outrageous things at their wedding making the first main conflict of the story.

Leading me into the next main event would be the wedding of Hero and Claudio. It was supposed to be a happy day for the both of them and it ended sorrowful for them both. Claudio had an outburst as to how Hero was supposedly having an affair with another man. This tore the wedding apart and left room to be fixed for our protagonists.

The last big event that happened was the revealing of Hero. The plan is finally coming together and at last Claudio is able to see that Hero is not dead, but very much alive and is ready to get married.

The song of Much Ado About Nothing

The play Much Ado About Nothing speaks many themes. The theme that stuck out most to me is the importance of letting things go. This theme is strongly portrayed in the song Let it Be by The Beatles. Had Claudio forgave Hero and given her the benefit of the doubt the evil plan would have never worked and they could have resolved it much more peacefully. Now although Claudio didn't let it be Hero did when she showed herself after faking her death. She had the courage to let it be and everything simmered down and left everyone peaceful at the end.