By Austin Fairchild

Theme Courge

  • Sounder showed courage when he went after the sheriff. His mother had courage when she went to take the meat back to the smoke house. His father showed courage when he stole from the smoke house to help support his family. The boy showed courage when he kept going out to look for his father.

Summary about videos

How to get dogs to get along is you have them meet each other. They might try to fight so you hook them up to a chain.Then you hold on to the chain and have the 2 dogs touch each other. After you see if they are getting along if they fight then pole the chain away and try to get them from fighting because if it was a little dog vs a big dog the big dog will probably win .You want them to like each other because at night they could get of there chain and then get in a big fight. After that 1 dog could be really hurt so you want them to get along.

anticipation guide

A person who steals food should not be put in jail Is something I agree with. Because they wouldn't have food because they couldn't pay for it because they would be poor. They would haft to starve unless they got money otherwise they would haft to steal it. If they didn't have food they would die because they would starve.
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A Father Daughter and a Dog

  • The story in sounder are alike because there in a relationship. The difference between these to story's is in sounder there was a father a boy and a dog and the other story there was a father daughter and a dog.


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