Writing Profolio


The Puporse of This Profolio

The purpose of me doing this profolio is to share my mind and work with everybody.

About Me

Hi! Im Taylor. I live in Virginia in the Henrico District. Im a very sociable person, who loves to have fun. I love to be around family and friends, because we always have a great time together. Im a hardworker at school and plan to do great things when succesful. I love animals and plan to be a successful veternarian after school. I also want to do hair on the side. Life has been good and i know God has many plans for me in the coming.

6 word Memoir

Live, laugh, and learn everyday

Sun/Shadow Sentence

I am like a bee, because i am busy

Inwardly i am like a puppy because i am cautious

I am like a sunflower because i am bright

Inwardly i am like a weed because i am dull

I am like the color red because i am daring

Inwardly i am like the color yellow because i am shy

I am like a coke bottle because i am curvy

Inwardly i am like a glob because i am bulgy

I am like the number 21 because i am sociable

Inwardly i am the muber one because i am lonely

I am like a pearl because i am classy

Inwardly i am like a rock because i am rough

Favorite Quote/ Response

"To every hour of light and dark is a miracle. Every cubic inch of space is a miracle."

-Walt Whitman

"If you have love, you dont need to have anything else. If you dont have it, doesnt matter what else you have."

-Sir James M. Barrie

"Good things come to those who wait."

-American Proverb

Reflection of Persuasive Essay

My essay was,"The Award Goes To..." My reward was for most likely to brighten your day. I enjoyed my persuasive essay. I felt i gave great examples, explanations, and detail. I could of put more of me in it, with what i would do and what have I done but besides that i feel I wrote a good essay.

Seven Stages of Man

All the world's a journey and all the men and women are challenged. There are ups and downs to this lifestyle; the lifestyle of becoming a man. The journey is long but will be worth it in time. The start is the birth of the baby boy being brought inot the world; whaling out for his mother for comfort and protection. Then the baby boy learns how to walk ad talk just like his mother and father. Then the father teaches his son to work hard and stay focused, by keeping his head in books. Books that will fill his mind with imagination. Then he becomes a young teen. He's hard-headed and stubborn thinking he knows everything.

Then maturity hits him like a ton of bricks. He becomes a young man on his own making his own decisions like a bird leaving his mother's nest. He then becomes a man. He learns about the world, has a job, a home a wife, and children of his own. The boy who grew up to become a man has come into his last stage. Hes now an old wise man. Filled with stories and history to pass down to his grandchildren, on what it was like to become a man.

"Need to Know" Independent Reading Project

Title of Article: __Despite bloody year, Chicago has big drop in homicides_

Author: ___Don Babwin, Associated Press_____

Date of Article: ___January 1, 2014_______________


Form of Nonfiction: ____Newsletter______________

1. Main Idea: What is the main point that you get from this text?

Chicago has had rough years over time, but the new year shows they’re having a turn. Chicago’s homicide rate has gone down since 1965.

2. Factual Summary: Write a 3-5 sentence summary of the piece you read. Include significant ideas, places, and people.

3. Vocabulary: Identify at least two words from the article that were difficult or unusual. Define them.

Retaliatory: to return like for like, especially evil for evil; or remake for(a wrong or injury) with the like

Coincides-to use the same place in space, the same point or period in time

4. Criticism:

a. From this article, I learned…

From this article I learned that things can be really bad for a long time, but there always some good coming. Also I’ve learned that there always something good coming for any and every one everywhere.

b. One thing the author should have done or said differently is… (“Nothing” is not an acceptable answer)

One thing I feel the author could have done differently was talk more about the old Chicago. Went more into how bad it use to be and then went into more detail about how much better Chicago is getting now.

5. Personal Response: How does this relate to your life? Give specific details of connection or comparison. Honestly this article doesn’t have anything to relate to in my life. I say this because I don’t live in a bad area and also I don’t deal with a lot of killing and passing away due to homicides in my family. Most of my family that I know of live in good areas and don’t deal with a lot of homicides. So even though I picked this article it does not relate to me.



Energetic, positive, caring

Daughter of Ceciley Martin, mother of Hershey and Major

Who loves islands and the color blue

She has experienced anger, sorrow, and happiness

She fears unhappiness, death, and struggle

She has accomplished closure and staying strong

She wants to see her family happy and experience life

Born in PG County, Maryland and living in Richmond, Virginia


Self- Reliance Essay

Self-Reliance Essay

My mom always says to me she has been on this earth longer then I have, so therefore I could never tell her right from wrong. People who value self-reliance define it as the need for each individual to follow his or her own instincts and ideas. Although that may come across true, in life there is going to be decisions that you’re not going to be able to make. Therefore people should receive guidance from experts because the real world is hard and can be confusing; and there are people in the world who have dealt with the real world.

To start off, the real world is a hard and confusing place. As teens growing into adult hood we can’t wait to be grown and take the world. We feel we can master and pick up things, but that isn’t the case. Adults always say, don’t grow up too fast because the real world is hard. You have bills, school with barely any help, and work which can be stressful. Adults always can give out advice on how to master this difficult world, and as teens growing into young adults we should listen.

Adults always can give out great advice because they are people who have and still are dealing with the real world. In the story “Antigone,” Harmon told Creon, “Yet there are other men who can reason too; their opinions might be helpful,” and in the real world adults opinions matter. Most likely they’ve been through what we’re going to go through. Stress, school everyday life, just being an adult can be hard. So why not get advice from the wise then stressing yourself trying to figure out how can this get better. At the end of the day advice is great, but to know you’re getting it from someone with experience is even better.

Even though advice can be great, on the other hand receiving advice can go wrong if the outcome of the advice is bad. When I say that I mean not all advice is good. For instincts if you’re stressed due to school or work and someone suggest you to using marijuana that is bad advice. Marijuana is illegal and you can get in a lot of trouble messing with it. Therefore I can see why taking advice isn’t the best thing to do, but then again people do have common sense and know right from wrong. At the end of the day advice can be good or bad, but we have enough common sense to know if it is bad or good advice. With that being said people should be able to receive advice because the real world is hard and can be confusing, and there are people in the world who have dealt with the real world. The choice is yours. You can either go through life with the little experience you have, or go into this big world with some good advice from the experienced and even the wise.

Reflection on Persuasive Essay

I feel i did good with my examples in my essay. I made sure to break them down and make them relatable to the readers. I feel like i could have done better with my literary skills though. I could have at least had one or two similies, metaphors and other literary skills. This essay is my favorite because i really tried to dig deep and relate to the readers. I also put in my opinion on recieving advice from adults. At the end of the day i feel i wrote a great essay with great examples and reasons.