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Eyeglasses and Spectacles

Inventor: Unknown

Date: Around 1287 in Italy

Come and see with your own eyes, or eyes with eyeglasses, some of the first spectacles ever made. These glasses were made in Italy before 1300 by the Venetian Glassmaker's Guild and were a major invention during the renaissance. The eyeglasses helped people see letters and objects more clearly.

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Inventor: Zacharias and Hans Janssen

Date: 1590 in the Netherlands

Get a glance at the first ever microscope here at Hoehn Museum. This microscope used two lenses, similar to that of eyeglasses but has a much greater magnification. The microscope was invented to view particles too small for the human eye to see. This invention helped scientist greatly with their studies and discoveries.

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Inventor: Hans Lippershy

Date: 1608 in Middelburg, Netherlands.

Have you ever wanted to walk on the moon? Well, you might not be able to walk on the moon but you can explore the moon with great telescopes. Come visit the first ever telescope made, and you might have the chance to see the moon. The telescope is very similar to the microscope, but instead of seeing small particles the human eye can't see, it is used to view objects in outer space that we can't see. So come take a look and see the moon for yourself.

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Inventor: Cornelius Drebbel

Date: 1624 in the Netherlands

Come take a dip in Drebbel's own leather submarine. The submarine is a rowboat covered in leather. The submarine can go about fifteen feet below the surface, and will last for about an hour or two. Ride along for an adventure an experience how the first ever submarine worked in our private water pool.

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