Pajama PD!

Tools of Twitter

PLN: Personal Learning Network

Profile: What others will see about you. Your "Home Page"

@: Associated with your name.

#: Associated with a subject, topic, chat, etc.

*: Favorite (will keep on your profile)

Retweet: You like something so much, you share with all who follow you.

Direct Message: Private message between you and someone else (group)

Chat: Online discussion, "workshop", where your PLN shares resources and ideas.

Q: A question that will prompt discussion and responses. (Q1, Q2, Q3...)

A: An answer to a posted question. (A1, A2, A3...)


Now What?

1. Find people to follow

2. Follow who they follow

3. "STALK" a chat

4. Favorite what you like and want to keep.

@Bushelem, @FMS_Hornets, @CaseyEchelmeier, @BethHouf

@tonyvincent, @jmattmiller, , @donwettrick

@jaybilly, @nbartley6, @burgessdave

Resources Used: