What's Happening This Week:

Monday: Professional Learning Action Team Mtg @ 3:45pm.

Tuesday: NO PLC's. 3rd Grade Jefferson City Field Trip. Team Savage Running Club @ 3:30pm. Reading Interventions with Mrs. Erickson & Mrs. Savin @ 4:00pm. First Grade Musical @ 6:00pm.

Wednesday: Leadership Environment Action Team Mtg @ 7:50am. SPED PLC @ 7:45 a.m. PreK Visitors Walk Through @ 9:30am & 1:30pm. Elementary Admin Mtg @ 10:00am. Teaching Kids to Save Assembly 1st & 2nd grade ONLY @ 2:00pm. Leadership Events Action Team Mtg. @ 3:40pm. MVR3 Board Meeting @ 6:00pm.

Thursday: NO SCHOOL!

Friday: NO SCHOOL!

FYI: Tuesday and Wednesday the Early Childhood Staff will be using some of our parking lot while their lot is resurfaced.

Curriculum & Assessment

STEM Classrooms 2019-2020

Congratulations to Ginny Brunjes and Zitzman Elementary for earning the $2,500 Pfizer STEM Grant to support our 2 STEM classrooms for 2019-2020. All funds will be used to fill the STEM room with furniture and supplies.

Title 1 News

Health & Wellness

Take Care of You

**Admin will find you coverage to get your annual mammogram. Sign up early to get your spot reserved.

The St. Luke’s Mammogram Van will visit our district on Friday, May 10th and Monday, May 13th from 7am to 1pm at Central Office. Call 314-205-6267 to schedule an appointment. Please bring your driver’s license and insurance card with you to the appointment. See attached flyer for more details.

April Reading Counts

Admin will be putting out a Zitzman Zinger to challenge the students to reach another goal.

We are asking that each class have a goal to reach a total of 125 points. Each student should set a goal to reach to meet the class goal of 125 points. Which would then make a SCHOOL total of 2000 points.

Once each class reaches their 125 points they are welcome to celebrate however they wish and the teacher would be in charge of that celebration. Once the SCHOOL reaches 2000 the principals will..... dress like a chicken for a day and do the chicken dance during dismissal.

*A fun way to get the Kdg & 1st grade students involved is making a buddy classroom and reading to these students or letting the Kdg & 1st graders do what they do best and cheer them on or walk down and ask them about their goal in order to continue motivating and holding them accountable!

#ZELeads #ZEReads

Since this April challenge started late... if the students don't reach it by the end of April we will reset and try for the exact same goal for the month of May! Which would provide a great opportunity to have that class meeting about sometimes we don't meet our goal... do we give up? NOPE! We try and try again!

PBL Project Ideas: Screen Free Week!

It might not be circled on your calendar, but starting April 29th is "Screen Free Week" (

To some, that may be a very ambitious--or even impossible--pursuit. But everyone can probably improve their Social Media habits, and that's the focus of this week's exercise.

Obviously, Social Media is so instant and far-reaching that it can be extremely valuable, but also comes with its share of serious issues (privacy, online reputation, cyberbullying, etc.). So, the exercise for this week is creating a syllabus for a class that teaches young people to use social media effectively and safely. This exercise can be really interesting if you assign each group one of two scenarios.

In the first scenario, they are students who are tasked with teaching parents about social media.

The second situation is that they are parents who need to teach students about social media. The end result may be a completely different set of lessons, but I think both groups can learn from the other!

Here's the link: