Cape Town

By: Oscar Flores

Where I want to go for vacation?

I would like to go to Cape Town in South Africa because I have seen in TV where people jump from Mountains in to the Ocean right next to the big rocks witch is very bad because one bad step and stuff can go real wrong, I also seen in TV that shark's are really close to the shore in the beaches witch is also really bad beacuse south Africa shark's kill 346 attack's every year and I want to go swimming with the shark's instead of looking at them in the zoo or aquarium's.

Cape Town Facts

1. Table mountain is the oldest mountain in Cape town

2. The table mountain hace over 1,500 species of plants on the Mountain

3.Wild penguins live in the cost of Cape Town

4.Cape town is home to the third largest shopping center in South Africa

5.Cape town have's some long haul witch make travel more easy and you are able to see city from above

6.Cape Town is also one of the cities with more soccer fans than the entire Asian continent

7.Cape is also one of the most multicultural cities in the world, and with a population of 3.5 million people.

8.In 2010 south Africa was the host for the world cup and on that world cup, and out of 64 games cape town was host of 8 games during the 2010 world cup.

9.The city is home to many people all around the world

10.But the best thing about Cape is that you can do whatever you want to do so enjoy it


1.Cape town is 17h and 51 minutes from Willis,Tx

2.The distance between willis,Tx and cape town is 17h and 51m

3.All my friends

4.Travel on plane

5.All the summer



2.The Stellenbosch Hotel

3.Millions of dollars,pesos,and Euros


1.About 1,000,000 dollars