Your online English trainer

Brush up your English from the comfort of your home!

Is this a good option for me?

Yes! This online program will allow you to update your English in many different ways without attending classes… and at your own pace! I will design various sets of activities to meet your needs and interests, and you will choose when (and where) to do them!

Wanna know more?

Read on!

  • Where are the lessons? In a safe and easy to use social learning platform where you will be able to share and store material, upload and download all sorts of files, watch videos, listen to songs and interact with me. You can log in from your personal computer, your office, a wifi bar, or even your smartphone!

  • What time are the lessons? No class times! You can log in when and as often as you feel like, 24/7.

  • Who can do it? Anyone, as long as you are 18+ and you can understand this flyer without much difficulty. An intermediate level is quite all right.

  • How long is the program? The platform, libraries and contents will be active from March to November, and you can sign up or leave at any time.

  • How about speaking practice? We can arrange weekly Skype calls and talk about the contents and tasks on the platform.

  • What do I need? A computer, an internet connection and Skype. Just that!

    • What if I need to ask for help? You can contact me via Skype, email or text messaging.

    • How much are the classes? As from 200 pesos per month. Tuition fee should be paid before the month starts so as to enable your access to the platform.

    Wanna know even more? Feel free to contact me!