Macayla Victory


Getting There

I am leaving Denver on June 2nd and coming back on the 8th of June. My airlines name is British Airlines. When I leave it is 1:15 pm and the next day we land at 1:00 pm. When I am on the plane I will try to get some rest. The flight cost $1725.


Where to Stay

I am staying at the Nocotel Paris Gare de Lyon hotel . It is $262 a night in total that is $1048 for both of us. The hotel is a 4 star hotel, with many different things that I like about it. It has a pool, WiFi, fitness center, restaurant, wheelchair accessible, friendly service and also they serve a good breakfast.



The first day we will be tired from the flight and we did not get the best sleep on the plan so we are relaxing the first day. We might go swimming a little later and just hang out. Day 2 we are going to a art gallery it is called Muse Du Louvre and for 2 people it is $32. The 3rd day we will be going shopping at Lieu Commun, and we are bringing $100 to spend we may not spend all of it. Day 4 we are going to the Eiffel Tower and we are going to be lifted up the tower and for both me and Mario it is $28. On the 5th day we are going to this park thing for $14 and the name of it is Musse Rodin and since it takes 1 whole day to fly back we are leaving on the 8 of July so the 6th day we are relaxing and we will also go swimming. The over all price for the activities that we are doing cast us $149.

history and cultre

Pont Neuf is the oldest bridge in Paris.

The first clock to be installed in Paris is called the Clock Tower of Conciergerie.

There are apartment buildings and they go back to the 15th century to when they were built, you will be amazed to know that 7000 tons is the weight of the Eiffel Tower and when it is painted every 7 years it uses 50 tons of paint.

Even though it weighs a lot and you would think it never moved but in 1999 there was a storm with gusts of 242 kph and the tower swayed 13 cm.



In the reviews on the hotel every one of them say that the breakfast there is the best so every morning we will be eating at the hotel. The first lunch we will eat at this place called Septime and it cost $26-55. For dinner we will go to Cul De Poule and that cost $21-29. Lunch the next day is at Tokyo Eat and that cost is $20. The dinner for the 2nd night is at Frenchie and it is $34. Lunch on day 3 cost $23-25 and the place is called Le Dauphin. Dinner that night is Firmin Le Barbier and it is $22. L'aoc is lunch the 4th day and the price is $21-29 dinner for the night is $20 and it is at Laduree. The 5th day lunch cost $28 and it is at a place called Bouillon Racine. dinner was at La Cabane a Huitres this night and it cost $28. The last and final day we wil eat at Claus for lunch and it is $38 for dinner we will eat at Tokyo Eat for a 2nd time for $40 and in total for both me and Mario we have $516 on food


One of the problems that I will run into is the money. The people in Paris use euros and we use the american dollar, so I have to go to the bank and switch the money before I go on the trip or when I get there. I will probably trade before I go. The other problem I may run into is speaking the language. Most people speak both English and french there but what would happen if someone did not speak English. Well I would go and search how you say something and I would learn how to pronounce how to say what ever I am trying to say.

website for the


I wanted to go to Paris because I have always wanted to go see it. I have been many places before and it has good sight seeing things and lots of art galleries and tours that you can take. It is just a great place with the sights, the food, the people and the shopping all around. In total the cost for the food and the things that we will do including flights, hotel and a few other things is $3950.

About the Traveler

I took this trip because I have always wanted to go to Paris, so that is where I went. I have traveled to many places before. My first plane ride was when I was almost a year old.