Franklin-Williamson "CAC"

Issue #1: Fall 2018 Quarterly Newsletter


Hello everyone, this is Hilary Drone with the Franklin-Williamson Child Advocacy Center, AKA the "CAC ". We decided that it would be fun to start a quarterly newsletter to share what's new at the CAC, provide you with information about upcoming training opportunities, inform you of upcoming fundraisers, and take the time to introduce you to our staff and board members. We look forward to keeping you updated with these newsletters and hope that you enjoy following along.

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CAC Mission Statement

We are dedicated to serving the best interests of children who have been sexually or physically abused. We, at the Center, are their voice.

We Believe:

-All children should be free of abuse and neglect.

-All children should have the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential in a safe and loving environment.

-It is in the best interest of abused children to have collaboration among agencies working on their behalf.

-It is important to educate the public on issues of child abuse and neglect.

What is a CAC?

The Franklin-Williamson Child Advocacy Center (CAC) is a child-friendly, safe and neutral location where law enforcement and DCFS investigators observe forensic interviews being conducted by CAC staff with children who are alleged victims of sexual and physical abuse crimes. The child and non-offending family members receive crisis intervention and ongoing support from trained, professionally-degreed CAC staff. Cases remain open with the CAC from the victim’s initial outcry through completion of the investigation, mental health treatment, and criminal prosecution. All services are free of charge and cases remain open from a few months to several years depending on the needs of the family. The CAC’s main objective is to reduce trauma to child victims by coordinating services and bringing all of the disciplines together. Core services of the CAC include: a child friendly facility specifically designed for the forensic interviewing of children and provision of trauma focused mental health services, intensive case management services, a coordinated multi-disciplinary team response, referrals to mental health and specialized medical services, transportation services, criminal court support, and trial preparation of the child witness. Since 1992, the CAC has served over 4,400 children and conducts an average of 125 forensic interviews a year. Currently the CAC has 146 open cases in Franklin and Williamson counties.

What is Going on at the FWCAC?

Meet our Staff and Board:

Our Staff:

  • Leah Brown, Executive Director
  • Katrina Evers, Child Advocate
  • Pamela Bible, Child Advocate
  • Hilary Drone, MDT Coordinator
  • Misty Lattuada, Intake Coordinator

Our Board:

  • Ralph Graham, Chairman
  • Leigh Bailey, Vice Chair
  • Leigha Zimbro, Secretary
  • John G. Markley, Treasurer
  • Brandon Zanotti
  • Evan Owens
  • Deborah Payne
  • John Gulley
  • Amy Tallman
  • Susan Rude
  • Kathy Schimpf

Coming Up Next Time...

Meet the CAC Executive Director, Leah Brown and CAC Board Chair, Ralph Graham