Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Historical Context

Why Was It Written

-The book was written in 1865, of British origin.

-Lewis Carroll wrote it for a ten year old girl (Alice Liddell) to put her to bed. She is whom the titular character is based on.

Society in Britain at This Time

-Around this time, the Industrial Revolution was in full swing.

-European racism was appropriated by bogus scientific claims, including Social Darwinism.

-Exportation of slaves from Africa to the Americas.

-The Communist Manifesto was created.

-Coming off the dredges of the Napoleonic Wars.

-Eurocentrism was at its height.

In the World

-Africa was the subject of imperialism.

-South East Asia was also being colonized by Britain.

-The Civil War both started and ended.

-Practical electricity was invented by Edison.

-New Zealand pioneered women’s voting rights.

-Sino-Japanese war.