Leprechaun Trap


what I used

Altoids mint can

3 rubber bands

1thing of duck tape

1 thing of gems

1 can of silly string

How it works

when the leprechaun crawls under the rubber bands the rubber bands pull the lid and for there the lid would shut and the leprechaun will be trapped.

Guaranteed to catch a leprechaun

The simple machine

The simple machine that i used is a little different than a pulley but it acts like a pulley. The 3 rubber bands act as a pulley because when the leprechaun crawls under the bands they react to the body pulling the bands and the door/lid shuts. The simple machine i used is a pulley.

Where I got this idea

I got this idea from my grandpa he is always helping me with my projects that i need to build. He said that he is using this idea has a mouse trap to catch mice....so if it can trap a mouse why can't it trap a leprechaun that is the size of a mouse??!

My Hypothesize

First I thought i was gonna use a tin can but then we tried a couple ideas and it didn't work so we went with the mouse trap/leprechaun trap idea and i thought i could use a wedge but a pulley was better and instead of a tin can i used a altoids mint can.

Procedure...step by step on how I made it

First i opened the altoids can all the way up and then i put my rubber bands on the mint can. Then i tested it again to make sure it still works. I took the rubber bands off again and decorated the mint can. When i was done decorating i put the rubber bands on once again then tested it to make sure it worked. Finally i was done making the leprechaun trap.


My hypothesize was wrong for an inclined plane didn't work an pulley is better and a tin can doesn't work an altoids mint can is way better.