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Updates from your TDS, Aug. 19th, 2013

Words Their Way Information

Are you planning to use Words Their Way? Are you giving the student inventory?

I just found out that you can input your student's word inventory on the Words Their Way site, and the program scores it for you.

Here's how:

Step One: Register your Words Their Way book. Your secret code is in the back along with the website and directions for registering.

Step Two: After you register, click on assessment tools.

Step Three: On the left side there is a spot to create a class. Create your class.

Step Four: Choose the inventory you gave and input your students' names. Click "save."

Step Five: There will be a "take assessment" link next to each name. In this step, you'll fill in each child's performance on the key features for each word. Click "save."

Step Six: The program will tell you which spelling stage each child should begin with. It will group the children with similar needs.

This may not be faster than scoring by hand, but it may be worth the effort to see groupings and skills needed.

Thanks to a teacher at Geist Elementary for this information!

My Schedule

This year I am planning to have a "somewhat" regular schedule. For weeks when I have no all-day meetings, my schedule will be:

Monday Brooks School

Tuesday Brooks School

Tuesday (after school) District PD sessions

Wednesday Durbin

Thursday Sand Creek

Friday Sand Creek

During weeks with grade-level PD meetings, I'll be at each building one day.

My schedule this week:

Monday Brooks School all day

Tuesday Brooks School (am only) NWEA, New Teacher Planning, and Math curriculum meetings in the PM

Wednesday Durbin all day

Thursday Sand Creek all day (REACH meeting after school)

Friday Sand Creek all day (Title 1 PD, PM in the LGI)

Newsletter Information

Last year I sent weekly newsletters. This year, all of the TDS team will be distributing a monthly newsletter with district and curriculum information.

I'll send calendar news and other information on a weekly basis.