Ms. Foster's Class News

November 17, 2014

Important Information

  • Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather.
  • I will be out of the classroom on November 18th in the afternoon.

Dates to Remember

Library is Tuesday.

November 26 - 28 No School

Curriculum Notes for Week 1

Reading: This week we are finishing our unit on Lewis and Clark. We will decide whether Lewis and Clark Expedition story was a achievement or a disaster story and use a program called Voicethread to create a digit project, Later in the week, we will start discussing Historical Fiction novels. Students will have a new reading group book.

Week 4 Vocabulary: relocate, territory, coward

Writing: We will be looking texts about Lewis and Clark and writing our own opinion on whether the Lewis and Clark story was an Achievement or Disaster story. Students will be writing a 5 paragraph essay.

Spelling: Test Tuesday. The next set of words will be introduced on Wednesday and the test will be November 25th. Our new spelling pattern will be sch/str words.

Math: This week in Math we will use standard method of multiplication to multiply 3 and 4 digit numbers by 1 digit. There will be facts quiz on Friday. Topic 6 test will be Nov. 13

Social Studies: We are discussing the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Trail of Tears and the Pioneers. There will be a test over Lewis and Clark information on November 18.

Math Topic 6 Objectives

  • Multiply using arrays and an expanded algorithm
  • Connect the expanded and standard algorithms for multiplication
  • Multiply 2- digit by 1- digit numbers
  • Multiply 3- and 4- digit numbers by 1- digit numbers
  • Multiply by 1- digit numbers
  • Evaluate word problems for missing or extra information

Reading and Writing Objectives for 2nd Quarter:

Reading Objectives:

  • Use a variety of texts to infer in order to explain historical events and consider alliterate perspectives of characters.
  • Read and compare and contrast expository nonfiction, narrative nonfiction, and historical nonfiction, paying attention to the importance of the setting.
  • Read and use primary documents and text to gain understanding and knowledge of historical events.
  • Gather information about a historical fiction text and learn about a specific time period.
  • Research and analyze firsthand and secondhand accounts, charts, graphs, and maps.
Writing Objectives:
  • Write in a variety of formats to reflect on learning.
  • Elaborate on thoughts and ideas using details from the text.
  • Express opinions in writing using reasons and details to support opinions clearly.
  • Compose a literary essay using transitions to link ideas, and writing introductions and conclusions.
Content Objectives:
  • Evaluate the impact of the westward expansion on Native Americans
  • Locate and describe settlements to Missouri of people of European and African heritage

  • Summarize the events of westward expansion

  • Sequence events of the Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark Expedition

  • Explain Missouri's role in Civil War
  • Describe the changes in Missouri since the Civil War in education, transportation, and communication
  • Outline issues of Missouri Statehood, such as the Missouri Compromise