Study Guide IPS

Quiz- Wednesday 9/18

Reaction in a Bag two substances

-Substance A

-Substance B

-Substance A is Calcium Chloride, It is mildly acidic, it is hydro tropic(attracted to water, absorbs water) used in canned veggies, ( keeps then from getting mushy) electrolytes in sports drinks, flavored pickles

-Substance B is Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda). It is not acidic.

Used in baking, tooth paste, cat litter, and laundry detergent

Baking Soda Lab

-The gas is coming from the heated baking soda

-There is a color difference between the two beakers, the heated one should be darker

-Droplets also come from the baking soda

-The condensation comes from hot gas touching cooler surface at the top of the test tube

Control Group- Unheated test tube

Experimental Factor- Heated Test tube

Indicator- Tea (Showed that heated test tube wasn't baking soda)

Variables- Something you want to measure

Independent Variable- causes a change in dependent variable- temperature

Dependent Variable- Color of the tea

Control Factors- same type of tea, same amount of baking soda, same amount of tea, same stirring time, same size of test tube,

Volume Notes

Unit of Measurement: cm3 (Cubic cm)

Volume= l x w x h (a x b x c)

Standard unit of length= meter


Unit Cube= One cubic centimeter

Volume of Liquids

-Always use a graduated cylinder to measure volume

-Always check the intervals or scale

-Read from bottom of meniscus


Single Pan Balance Notes

1. Check that pan is clean and dry

2. Always "zero" balance before each massing

-Push all riders to zero (left)

-Use adjustment knob if needed

3. Never switch pans

4. Pick up balance by red bar only

5. Dont zero balance when done.

Lab Safety


Hot Glass and cold glass look the same

Waft liquids

Never waft solid or chemicals

Avoid touching chemicals

Never use force to remove glass

Roll up sleeves

Never walk away from burner

Make sure burner is capped and flame is out if one was used

Box Question 3-13

3. 50 cm3

4. There is a larger width

5. 7cm3

6a. 8 cubes

6b. 27 cubes

7. The second box

8. Because it is in a triangular shape so there has to be a space to fill up that space

9a. 1.20cm, 3.80cm, No

9b. 1.65cm, 2.53cm,4.50, No

9c. It is in the middle of the two tabs. It is more accurate

10a. 0.1 cubic cubic centimeters3

10b. 0.2 cubic centimeters3

11. 4.0 cm3, 1.25

12. No, 12 cm could have been rounded up or down from a number

13. It is easier to read the lines.