Our Lady of Guadalupe/St Juan Diego

Cameron, Patrick, Sam, and Ricky

Why were they called by God?

St. Juan Diego's miracle prompted Bishop Zumarraga to build her church.
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Where were they called?

He was walking 6 miles to attend Holy Mass. He heard a voice and saw a rainbow. Mary appeared to St. Juan Diego and asked for a church to be built.
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What were the effects of their works?

The bishop was skeptical and told him to return another day. St. Juan Diego felt that he had failed Mary.

How do you see God working in their lives?

Mary directed St. Juan Diego to a nearby hill to collect roses he found there and deliver them to the bishop. It was not the season for roses, but he discovered a large patch of roses in full bloom. He filled his tilma with roses and brought them to the bishop. When he opened his cloak, St. Juan Diego and Bishop Zumarraga saw that Mary's image was imprinted on the tilma.
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