all about dads 2016

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Best gifts for dads!!!

The best gifts for dads.Do you have a awesome dad if you do you want good gifts for him right?Well here are some great gifts!First pictures of couers next shirts for the man every dad needs a great shirt!Nexts is cups and if your dad is a great coffee drinker than that man needs some coffee cups!Next is cupcakes a man really always needs a cupcake it is life!Next is a phone your dad needs a upgrade so get him a new phone.Next is a starbucks card every coffee drinker needs one!Last one is a goodie bag filled with cookies and cake and all that stuff.And thats all.

dads rock

dads at work!!

What is your dads job taking care of a baby or is he in the army?Here is some 2016 jobs for dads.First is football it makes so much money,next being a teacher my mom is a teacher,next this is a at home dad thing so dishes,next is a person who works at a restront next is to travel the world looking for more things.Next is classroom helper,last is a dad!JK that was not true here is some more jobs pascoordnater,key holder,sales associate,palo alto,retail startup,helping,emplayment,unified record coordinator,floor associatept,home visitor,family supporter,caregiver,director,care coordinator,e-discovery,telepresence,data coordinator,transition speacialist,billing clerk,diretor of audience development,program director

dads dreams!!!

Have you ever wondered what goes on in your dads head well I'm here to tell you firstis to be rich with gold,second is to travel the world to the north pole we goooooo,next to have lovley childern like me a awsome kid!Next is to own a bissness every dad needs a bissness,every father alwayes wants a giant grand house to live in,next is awsome cars to fly across the streets and that was all folks!

dads best gifts for dads!!!!!

Has your dad ever got you something really cool or awsome for your brithday or on chrismas well now its your turn to return the faver and get him one of these things like candy,pets,shaving ket,flowers,books,cookies,socks,cards,and for the people who can get is a ipod and thats all.