Bridgit Mendler

The start

When her parents moved to the west coast which mainly gave her the idea of being an actress. Bridgit Mendler got her first animated role it the film "The legend of Buddha" and she played as lucy in 2004. She then got more and more moves she got put in. When she was 13 she got put in her first acting role as a guest star in general hospital.


Bridget later released a album "Hello my name is..." on February 12, 2013 her second single Huricane was released for radio airplay,which got on the number 1 billboard bubbling Hot 100. Which sold over 300,000 digital copies. one other single is "ready or not." She only has one album.

Facts About Her

Bridget was born December 18, 1992 in washington. Bridgit borth name is Bridgit Clarie Mendleler. She stars in a lot of Disney moves and shows like "Good luck Chairle as Teddy Duncan in 2010. She also was in lemonade mouth.
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Bridgit Mendler - Ready or Not
Bridgit Mendler - Hurricane (Official Video)