Important Announcement... This Is A MASSIVE Deal!

REPLAY Announcement Info Available ... Don't Be Left Behind!

Hey folks,

This Monday night, I am going to be hosting an IMPORTANT ‘Empower Hour’ call, at 9pm EST.

Let me tell you what to put in your Calendar, then I'll come back around and tell you WHY it's important for the future of your business to attend.

Here's the info to put in your calendar:

“IMPORTANT announcement”

At 9pm EST, dial in to: 209-255-1040

Again, at 9pm EST this Monday, dial 209-255-1040


When you missed the call, here's the replay

(put 001 before the number, when you're outside of the US - calling with skype is best):

Call: 209-255-1049
Access code: 498575#

Don't know how long it will be up there... so make sure you listen in today... and take action ... it's a hell of a call!


I am going to be personally hosting the call, and announcing something that I personally believe will multiply our sales, and your incomes by at least 300% within the next 3 to 6 weeks.

It is a BIG deal.

A lot of you have seen our new front end presentation:


That presentation is a representation in more than just a change in our front end, it is a casting of the ‘VISION’ that I have, which is…

…to create 100 new MILLIONAIRES a year.

And in our presentation, I show you exactly how to do that.

It will blow your mind.

It will get you pumped.

It will show you the BIGGER PICTURE of what we're really doing.

It will show you WHY it's possible to create 100 millionaires a year here.

Here's the video again:


This Monday, I am going to be making an announcement that I believe will grow our new customer signups by a minimum of 300 to 600% in the next 4 to 6 weeks.

And you'll see why that's possible when you watch our new video.

So I have a couple of assignments to complete:

FIRST, watch our new presentation:


SECOND, put this information into your calendar:

“IMPORTANT announcement this Monday at 9pm EST”

At 9pm EST, dial in to: 209-255-1040

Again, at 9pm EST this Monday, dial 209-255-1040

  • The call is going to be packed, so make sure to dial in 5 minutes early, if you want to get access to this information first.

It is a MASSIVE deal.

THIRD, make sure you are on our text message list, so you can be notified immediately of new announcements. Ask the person who invited you here to what you need to text to which number. I'm going to be PERSONALLY engaged in the field, sending out almost daily updates of new announcements, new videos, and some other badass stuff I'll be announcing on Monday.

Get on, and pay attention to the text message list.

FOURTH, make sure your team is on this Monday night's call. Email them this information, send them a text message, and use your ‘team emailer’ in your back office.

See you Monday night at 9pm EST.


“the Commission Slayer”