Classroom Guidance


1st Grade: Safety Jeopardy

Learning Target: Student will be able to demonstrate making good, safe, and healthy choices.

Why This Lesson Matters: Knowing how to stay safe, make healthy choices is a skill every child needs to learn.

Activity: This month we split up into teams and played "Safety Jeopardy" which is similar to the game show "Jeopardy". Each team chose a topic (Personal, School, Weather, Stranger Danger, Wild Card regarding safety). The were asked a question then were given time to discuss answers as a team. We played this game the entire guidance lesson and it prompted many good conversations on how to stay safe at home and at school. If they ask about having a family safety plan, that may be promoted by this lesson!

Application: Ask your child some of the questions we discussed about each topic listed above.

ASCA (American School Counseling Association) Standard: PS:B1.5: Demonstrate when, where and how to seek help for solving problems and making decisions.