Soledad Unified School District

Weekly Newsletter - November 1, 2019

Timothy J. Vanoli, Superintendent

Soledad Unified School Board & City Council hold a Special Joint Meeting

Updates from Special Board Meeting on October 30, 2019

  • Mr. McHatten gave an update on the difficulties associated with the power shutoff and dealing with PG&E
  • Hartnell- Soledad Campus Ribbon Cutting will be held on Friday, November 8, 2019 at 11 a.m. next to San Vicente off Orchard Lane
  • The City is working on a long term project for a road extension that would go from Nestles Road by FoodsCo across railroad tracks to Metz Road. This project will take time to come to fruition
  • The City is working on a round-about on East and Metz Roads to help with the flow of traffic. This too will take some time as the City is trying to secure funding for this project
  • There is an established Youth Council for the City of Soledad that provides reports on their activities at both the City Council & School Board Meetings. Our students do a great job as they look for needs in the city and they come up with viable solutions that make this a better place for all the citizens

Frank Ledesma Elementary gets new play structure update

Thank you to the students, parents, and staff for their patience. Completion is expected this week and next steps will be the rubber surfacing install which is expected to begin the Monday after. Students will soon be able to play in the new safe structures!
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The lights went out in Soledad!

So what do you do at school? Students at Frank Ledesma Elementary in Ms. Downum-Perez's class gave us some ideas!

Their teacher promised them a flashlight at reading time...

They said it wasn’t dark enough, so they closed the blinds. Lemons into lemonade!

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