What I've Realized...

Sitting wherever

Don't Sit on the Ground

Europe is different from America in many ways. One of the ways I noticed through me off guard because I would not have guessed this. Europeans do not sit on the ground, but they also do not provide benches for you to sit on. The only sitting places are in cafes and restaurants, but it is cheaper to take it away. I do not understand this. Where do all the Europeans eat their food? A couple of times my friends and I would sit on the ground and eat because there were no other options. Everyone gave us very weird and disturbed looks. In America if I ate my food on the sidewalk no one would think anything of it, but in Europe people do not like it. The only reason I can fathom is because their streets are dirtier in some places. They would think it is unsanitary. This still does not answer my question of where do all the Europeans eat? Next time I go I will observe for that answer.