Family and loss

Felicia C-W

The theme of my life

When you lose someone, do something that makes you happy because when I lose people and animals I do things that make me happy like listening to music or playing with my guinea pigs.


Music is a escape from reality and it helps me think. It helps with for all of your emotions.When I am sad or mad I listen music it makes me feel happier or better. I have different playlists for different emotions like happy,sad,mad and general emotions for all. You have different types of music like old music,pop,rock,emo, and electronic.You have different artists with different types of emotions in their songs like Black Veil Brides,Bring Me The Horizon, and Nirvana.

Setting of Theme

My house in Norwalk is the theme because I have lived there all my life. It was my first home. A lot of events have happened there like animals died and new animals joined the family. It the setting was different I wouldn't have a big connection at I do to my house.

Three Life Events


When my family and I spend holidays with my aunts,uncles,grandparents, and cousins.

When it was Thanksgiving , my Grandma Geri would come with presents for late birthdays and early Christmases. In 2008, Thanksgiving Day was celebration for my Uncle Mark coming out of prison. Celebrating holidays with my family at sometimes sad times makes those times not as sad anymore.

Theme quotes

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