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January 2016

ROCORI Launches Academy Day 2016

The ROCORI District Staff Development Committee worked diligently to present teachers and paraprofessionals with the opportunity to learn, grow, and connect in a professional development forum. Based on the results of surveys submitted, the committee developed a matrix of sessions directly correlating with high volumes of requests. Additionally, a Wellness Fair was planned with recommendations from various committee members regarding vendor possibilities. Jake Zauhar took charge of confirming vendors and organized the display setup in the commons.

Innovation is NOT easy, clean, neat, organized or always successful on the first try. It is WORK that is NECESSARY for our students.

Below is a video taken from YouTube showing just how beneficial hard work and resilience can be.
Audri's Rube Goldberg Monster Trap

Let's Celebrate Our Successes!

In a recent conversation, the topic of praise, acknowledgement and recognition of efforts came forth. Too often teachers focus on areas of growth, crossing off "to-do's", or how to overcome hurdles that arise in the educational realm.

Let's see how many "SUCCESSES" we can accumulate by the February Newsletter. Please click **HERE** to access a Padlet Wall. Once you've accessed the wall, double-click anywhere on it to type in the name of an individual or an instance which you feel deserves some positive recognition. Upon approval, this comment will be visible for all to see.

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