Mobile Apps in the Classroom

EDU 210: Module 9

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a digital note taking app. It opens up like a traditional notebook, is widely available across a variety of devices, and can be accessed anywhere at anytime. OneNote also allows collaboration with peers as you can share your notes for viewing or editing. For the link to OneNote, click HERE
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Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

This app is a whiteboard and screencasting tool that is interactive and fun for classroom use. It is designed for the iPad but can be accessed online as well. Teachers and students can create unique lessons with animations, drawings, voice recordings and much more!

Explore the app HERE

Amazon Kindle

Kindle is an online e-reader which is offered across a wide variety of platforms and devices. With Kindle, you can carry a wide range of books in one portable location, without ever needing more space than needed to store your device. Explore Amazon Kindle HERE
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Flashcards* is a cool app which allows quick and easy mobile flashcards used for studying for any test, or any class. The app is available on any iOS device. You can group different classes together, and add a variety of features to your flashcards including text and images.

For more, click HERE

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The TED app allows you to carry to brightest, and most intelligent ideas and voices in the world, all in your back pocket. In the palm of your hand you will have access to the most fascinating, cutting edge ideas worldwide. This app is awesome for secondary sources, or primary sources for research and projects. Click HERE to explore TED