5th Grade News

Elm Street Elementary

What We Are Doing

Reading: Skills: Genres, Point of View

Language: Subject/Predicate, Compound Subject and Predicate, Compound Sentences

Writing: Paragraphs, Narratives, Sentence Variety


Verb Suffixes (Review of Closed and magic e):

ing - present participle Ex. Invading

ed - past Ex. invaded

Post Test on Friday, September 23

Math: Rounding, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing decimals, exponents and more... Remember to learn your multiplication facts for a post test to write 25 facts in a minute at the end of the nine weeks. Post Test on multiplication facts coming up at the end of the first nine weeks.

Science: Earth's Structure Quiz: September 26

Social Studies: Causes of the Civil War- Please check Google Classroom to view graded assignment submitted through Google Classroom.

What is Up and Coming

September 19 Running Club/Spanish Club

September 20 Chorus

September 21 Art Club

September 22 Academic Bowl Meeting (pick up at 3:45)

September 23 September Stories (5th grade theme-biographies) Parents are invited back to classrooms to hear biography presentations. Parade begins at 9 and reading will go until 10:20.

September 29 Elm Street celebrates 60 years from 4-6 p.m.

October 6 Advocacy Day 1:20-1:40

October 6 5th Grade Program- Students dancing dances from around the world 6 p.m.