Rosa Parks Journal

Week of December 14th

Above and Beyond(Expectations.....)

"Learning sometimes occurs because someone insists that you recognize the excellence in yourself."- Rita Pierson

Let me take this time to thank everyone for all the hard work and energy you put into your job each day. When visitors walk through our hallways and visit our classrooms, they see children learning, working, smiling and laughing. With this being said, why do “SOME” of us worry or stress when we know that we may have visitors coming to visit? Should our expectations change depending on who’s coming to visit? Each day that you come to work, it is the expectation that you be prepared and teach with a passion and desire to ensure the success of ALL of our students. Always work to do what you do best and that is TEACH.



Well most of you are well under way of completing you MAP testing in Reading and Mathematics. Below in the chart represents the data that is currently reflective of MAP Reports. During your next upcoming TBT’s, work with your grade level teams to analyze your MAP Data:

Compare BOY to MOY (Where we are now)

Did we grow our students?

How can we use the Learning Continuum to make MORE Growth with our students?

I have attached the new National Norms with the newsletter. Take some time with your grade level team to analyze your grade level equivalent based on your current data.

Big image

Upcoming Dates / Events

Monday 12/14 -

Tuesday 12/15 - IAT Meetings

Wednesday 12/16- Principal PLC(Comer)

Thursday 12/17- Staff Breakfast Cracker Barrel 7:00PM: Principals Meeting Admin Bdlg..8:00AM:

Friday 12/18 - Talent Show 6:00PM

Breakfast Changes...

Due to our recent discovery of pest and rodents in our classroom area, we will be starting a New Breakfast program, where breakfast will be served in the cafeteria for ALL students. I'm still working out the changes, and once everything is finalized I will then provide more information for the upcoming change.