Elvis Presley

The King Of Rock And Roll

Who He Was

Elvis was a singer, a performer and a legend. He was known world wide by many people. When Elvis was 10 he got his first guitar ("Elvis Presley"). Later when he was 13 he moved to Memphis, Tennessee (Flynn). Once he graduated from high school, he could sing in various styles (Rosenberg 1). In 1956 Elvis was in full swing ("Hail" 61). This means he was popular and well known. 40% of Elvis's records were sold outside of the United States ("Rolling Stone").

Elvis and Jay Z Differences

Elvis and Jay Z have many differences. For example,Elvis's first hit song was "Jailhouse Rock". Jay Z first hit song was "Hard Knock Life". They are two very different singers. Jay Z was a Grammy nominee 20 times. Elvis was a Grammy nominee 14 times. Their education was very different Jay Z dropped out of school in high school, but Elvis graduated from Humes high school in Memphis, Tennessee (Winfrey).

Elvis And Jay Z How They Are Similar

Elvis and Jay Z have many similarities. For example, they both had a hard childhood. They both hit the top charts. They were both born in poverty, which means in the state of being extremely poor. They both did movies and they were singers (Winfrey).
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