Protocols and Precautions

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Hello KJ Final Bow Celebration Families!

We are excited and honored to host your family and celebrate your dancer at the Final Bow Performance. Although our set, cast, & location may be different than we thought, our hearts are here 110%. It is our utmost priority to keep your dancer, family and the KJ faculty safe and healthy. Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

Important FINAL BOW CELEBRATION Performance Links

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Cleaning and Sanitization of the Studio

Nightline Janitorial services clean and sanitize the studio daily. All chairs and floors will be wiped down, and cleaned in between each show. All public areas will be sanitized and disinfected continually throughout the day. Hand sanitizer will be available for staff and all visitors in the studio.

Number of Dancers and Guests in the Studio

The maximum number of dancers in one show would be 18. Most performance times have half that number, but the KJ faculty will keep students at a safe distance. Families will be seated together in groups of 4, a safe distance away from another set of 4. (see picture below)

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Before the Performance

Dancer's and their 4 guests will arrive 15 minutes prior to the performance and line up at a green cone outside of the building. Each guest will need a ticket to enter. Dancers will not need a ticket, and children under the age of 2 may sit in an adult's lap.

All adults must arrive wearing a mask. Dancers are NOT required to wear a mask. We do not feel it is feasible to ask the dancers to perform with masks over their mouth and nose. If you want your dancer to wear a mask at all times, that is not a problem. Hand Sanitizer will be available upon entrance to the performance.

All dancers and families will enter through the front doors of KJ. Dancers and their guests will then enter through studio one for a photo opportunities with your family. You will then be escorted to your seat with your dancer.

Dancers MUST arrive in full costume ready to perform. Do not plan to do makeup or hair at the studio unless you are changing costumes for a second performance. A safe social distance changing space will be set up for female performers and female costume assistants.

If you have not received your tickets, there will be a KJ staff member outside of the studio 15 minutes prior to your performance time, and they will assist you with your tickets. Each dancer was assigned 4 tickets per show, so if you did not pick up your tickets at Costume Pick Up Day, we will have them at Will Call.

During the Performance

All families must stay together. Children cannot step away from their parents at any time except to perform. We will ask everyone to refrain from touching surfaces within the building. There will be multiple hand sanitizer dispensers stationed around the building, so it can be easily used as needed.

Each family will be seated by KJ faculty to a 4 chair grouping. (see picture above)

During the performance, masks for adults will be optional and KJ teaching faculty will not be wearing masks during the performance. KJ admin faculty and the cleaning crew will be masked and practice social distancing at all times.

KJ bathrooms will be closed to the public except for emergencies.

Families are encouraged to take pictures and videos of their dancers during the performance. We will have a livestream for family members and friends not attending to enjoy!

ZOOM LIVE Performance Access Information

We are excited to share that each performance will be viewable via our KJ Zoom channel. Please share with friends and family that are unable to attend your dancer's show. They are welcome to join us live at your dancer's performance time.

meeting id: 4697444180

password: kjdance

How to Join ZOOM LIVE

After the Performance

After the performance, all adults are asked to please put your mask back on to exit the building. All dancers and their families will remain together, and exit using the back door. Families are asked to leave promptly and remain six feet apart as they exit. Please be considerate and use social distancing practices when exiting the building.

Costumes for the Performance

Unlike the KJ concerts in years past, dancers could possibly be in a variety of costumes due to their combined class performances. We are celebrating this time together in a variety of colors and sequins. We look forward to a colorful, and cheerful hooray!

Hair, Tights, and Accessories for the Performance

Pink tights for ballet , Suntan tights for jazz, and tap. Hair will be worn in bun for ballet, low ponytail for lyrical and high ponytail for jazz/tap and hip hop. Appropriate shoes will be worn for each genre of dance, and white, clean sneakers will be worn in hip hop dances.

Missing a Costume

Please email the office immediately if you have not received a costume. We are aware that a few are still missing, but the majority of all dancers should have their costumes. If you plan to perform, and you still need to pick up your costume, please come by the KJ Plano Studio on Monday or Wednesday between 10am and 4pm.


We understand that many of our families are unsure of what the fall will look like. KJ will be offering a menu of online ZOOM classes for dancers and families who prefer to dance from home. We are excited about the teachers, genres, and new factors that will be announced soon! Stay tuned as we finalize the Fall ZOOM Class schedule.

Be on the lookout for a survey for fall classes, and interest.

In Closing

Thank you. Thank you for the incredible families that you are! We are so very grateful for each of you during this time, and look forward to seeing you all soon. As always, it is a pleasure to serve your families, train your dancers and love on your children.

-The KJ Faculty

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