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Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! For those of you who are new to CHS and/or The Spartan Scoop, or need a friendly refresher, this monthly newsletter will contain information in the following areas, but not limited to: School Counseling programming and events, grade level specific info, student specific info, scholarships, college info, career info, military info, social emotional health info and more! It is important that both students and their parents/guardians browse the information in these newsletters.

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Spartan Nation,

The Spartan Scoop is a labor of love project each month for our team. Our goal for The Spartan Scoop is to provide a streamlined way of communicating many different topics in the work we do with our students and families. To ensure we are providing exactly what our students, parents and community needs, we would love for you to provide some quick feedback on this link.

Is your student behind in one of their academic classes? If so, attend Power Surge Saturdays to get caught up!

Is the traditional college route not for you/your student?

Check out all of these organizations that offer apprenticeships here in Georgia. These industries are eager to find hard-working & dependable workers that are willing to learn something new. They will do on-the-job training, offer jobs with potential for growth and sometimes cover the costs of formal licensure or credentialing.

Two FREE webinars from Revolution Prep

Title: Financial Aid 101

Date: November 16th, 2021​

Time: 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET​

Registration link

The cost of a college education continues to rise, which may lead some families to assume college is too expensive for them. However, this Financial aid 101 webinar will help families understand the actual costs and discover ways to pay for a college education. In addition, we will cover the financial aid forms needed and ways to simplify the process of applying for aid.

Title: Understanding Athletic Recruiting​

Date: December 1st, 2021​

Time: 4 pm PT / 7 pm ET​

Registration link

In this webinar, students and parents will examine recruiting from an educational standpoint to learn how to ask the right questions, self-recruit to achieve their athletic goals, and avoid the win a scholarship distractions from popular media and for-profit recruiting services. We will cover the latest trends in athletic recruiting, including specialization, early commitments, the rise of club sports, the nuances of NESCAC and Ivy league recruiting, the accelerated timeline, and pandemic's impact on recruiting from both the coaches’ and students’ perspectives.

SENIORS!!! Class of 2022!

Senior Portraits & Yearbook Info

The deadline for seniors to students & families can select their preferred formal pose for the yearbook is November 15th with Cady Studios. If you want your senior photo in the yearbook haven't taken your senior portrait, get an appointment with Cady Studios NOW!

Senior Quotes for the yearbook are needed. Seniors, enter them now here.


Interested in Chatt Tech? Event this Thursday 11/11

This week (November 8th-14th) is CTC's Free Application Week! Their Spring, Summer, and Fall 2022 semester applications are open, so this is a great opportunity for seniors. They are hosting a Free Application Event on Thursday (the 11th) at both their Marietta and North Metro campuses. From 9am-4pm, they are hosting Drop-In sessions where they can assist in the application. At 6pm they will have a Financial Aid and Admissions presentation. Scan code on the picture to register.

Juniors!! Class of 2023

Junior Advisement Conferences will continue through the first week of December.

Juniors: Prior to your conference, you need to complete the Junior Advisement Survey in Naviance. Go to "About Me", Surveys, Surveys not started, Junior Advisement Survey. This will help guide the conversation with you and your counselor about your plans and/or troubles creating a plan after high school graduation.

After your Junior Advisement conference, you will have 3 action items to complete. Check them out HERE.

Early vs Regular

As our juniors embark on the spring before application season, here is a helpful article and graphic to learn about Early Decision vs Early Action vs Regular Decision. If you don't know what these terms mean, you will definitely want to learn!

$200 gift card from Revolution Prep for SAT & ACT prep

Revolution Prep has a team of professional tutors who have been teaching online for over a decade, and they’re giving each of you a gift card for up to $200 toward live online tutoring and test preparation.

With consideration for the busy holiday season and winter break, this is a wonderful way to keep students engaged and on track to meet their academic goals.

Visit to get your gift card before December 31st! You can also see a digital flyer about the promotion here.

If you have questions or want to learn more about Revolution Prep, you can reach out to a dedicated Revolution Prep team member at (800) 718-1825. You can also email them at

Sophomores!! Class of 2024

The GA Tech Society of Women Engineers STEM Event

Who: HS Freshman & Sophomores

When: Saturday, November 20th from 11am-2pm. Lunch is provided.

How: Register on this link by 11/17

What: Building hovercrafts, coding and more!

Freshman!! Class of 2025

Hey Freshman---Did you know that Grades are FINAL in December???

This is a friendly reminder to pull up your grades as the ending grade in December will report to your transcript for all colleges, future employers, enlistment recruiters and family to see! Remember, these grades will NOT be averaged from the prior two 6 week progress reports from Nov and Sept.

How can you improve your Grades?

1. Come to school and BE ON TIME!

2. Engage in learning during class (pay attention!)

3. Complete work. If your teacher accepts late work, turn it in late for points off...that is better than a zero!


5. Does your teacher do test corrections or opportunities to re-take the exam...If so, these are wonderful gifts that your teacher is throwing at you to improve! JUST DO IT!

6. Have a one-on-one conversation with your teacher. If you are too shy to approach him/her/they, send them an email.

7. Study!!!! ESPECIALLY if you have an EOC! EOC's are worth 20% of your grade.

Ok, real talk...what happens if you fail the course?

-If you get between a 60-69 you can participate in Course Extension in January to earn a 70 (passing credit). This prevents you from having to retake the whole course again. Your teacher will sign you up for it. You must attend & do the work!

-If you are lucky, you may be able to re-take the course 2nd semester but this is not always a guarantee as our classes are VERY full.

-After school grad point on Tues and Thursday either F2F or virtually. $40 per 1.0 credit. See your counselor for more info.

-Retake class next year; risk not being promoted.


-Earn a total of 5 credits.

-Out of that 5 credits, one must be an English Literature credit, one a Math credit and one a Science credit.


Beyond the Classroom...

STEM-Themed summer camp @ Georgia Tech

The Boy Scout-Atlanta Area Council 2022 STEM Academy will be held at GT this summer and is open to all high school boys & girls.

Join us June 6 - 10 for a STEM-themed Summer Camp
Open to all rising 9th grade through 12th-grade


Our mission is to have high school students leave our academy with a deeper understanding of what STEM professionals do every day and how they change and build the world we live in. This is a unique and great way to get your high school students motivated about their future careers. Scouts will have the opportunity to earn STEM Merit Badges, including the Construction Merit Badge.

Job & Internship Opportunities

Use the QR code below to access the updated list of job and internship opportunities in the community. Check back often to see who is hiring!
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